IN Perry June 1980 #00011

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Page.

DATE: June 1980

TIME: The first time was around mid day.

LOCATION: Perry County, Indiana


OBSERVED: My brother and I were playing in the woods. My brother marked a spot to validate our fears of being lost, and we seemed to be going in circles. We began to hear a grunting sound. Then we would hear it again, and again. We started getting nervous because no matter where we went the grunt seemed to follow us.
We went through a briar patch trying to find our way back to our bikes. We finally made it and sped home. We told our Mom, and told our Dad when he got home from work. Neither one of them believed it to be anything other than a deer.
That evening we had a cookout, my uncle and aunt came to my parent’s home.
In front of our house in a wooded area the grunt began again. The “grunt” was always present, but always stayed a distance away and was never visible. My Dad would go hunting and the “Grunt” would follow him, and make his normal sound. We all grew a custom to hearing the sound and never noticed any changes in the environment. My parents have taught us to love nature and apparently this object felt no threat from us. If I recall correctly, the “Grunt” stayed into the Fall and then we no longer heard the familiar sound again.

Activities of Witness: My brother and I rode our bikes to the mailbox to get our report cards. This was during summer break. The mail had not come yet, so we played in the woods waiting for the mailman.

Description of Creature: N/A

Other Notes: My brother may know more details and sent me the web site, because we always felt that this was no animal. The grunt always stayed the same distance from us, by that I mean, close enough to hear him well, but not able to see him.
I will never forget the sound it made.
We have numerous people who witnessed the grunt sound. My parents, my brother, myself, Aunt, Uncle.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no further information to add to this report.