IN Perry November 2003-August 13, 2005 #00007, #00008

This report was submitted by the mother of the August 13, 2005 sightee and is a sister to the sightee of a Nov. 2003 encounter. Both occurred at the same family residence near the far southern portions of the Hoosier National Forest just outside Bristow, Indiana. I’ll let her tell their encounters, and then wrap up with some additional details from further correspondence.

Taken directly from email(s):

Okay, let’s set the record straight from the get go….I am highly skeptical about whether or not Bigfoot exists….however I can’t dismiss the accounts of two people who have no reason to lie about these things. One is my brother Xxx. Xxx is 19 and when he was 17, he was here at this house (then my father in laws home). He liked to play around with my mom’s car. There is a long drive here that extends about 1/4 to 1/2 mile back along a cornfield and ends in a cul-de-sac surrounded by trees on 1/2 a side and the field on the other side. It was late one evening and he decided he was going to drive her car out this lane and turn around and drive back. He drove out there and made the swing as far around the cul-de-sac as he could and then he put the car in reverse and backed it up to continue the full circle. As he looked out the rear window, his back up lights revealed what he said was a creature that stood around 8 feet tall and dark. He looked again and it was gone. He was very scared when he got back and will tell you that he definitely saw “something” that night. He is tired of people laughing at him so he often retracts what he said in order not to be ridiculed, but he did see something. The other person who “saw something” was my 15 year old son. This just happened a couple of weeks ago. We have a travel trailer sitting in the yard at the end of our drive. One side is lit by the garage light about 150 feet away, very clearly. “Yyyyyyy” was out putting the dog in his pen beside the garage. He said he heard a noise like the camper “rocked” and he looked down at it. He described seeing something standing about 7-8 feet tall and orange-ish. Needless to say he ran like crazy dodging landscaping stones to get back into the house. The time for this was just around midnight. I don’t know about the orange color, and that kind of threw me a little. But you can’t tell either of these kids that they didn’t see anything. Just thought you would like to know this. We live in Perry County near the Hoosier National Forest in Bristow. I heard an account a few years back that another teen a few miles from here actually saw “something” dragging a deer behind it in the woods. He thinks it was Bigfoot as well. He has since moved but those are the stories I know of……..I haven’t found any evidence of anything but I remain open minded and I hope that if there is something out there that me AND my husband get a chance to observe it as well.

[Names held by request]


Okay, I asked the boys some questions, so here goes with what they told me.

Xxx (her brother in first report) said his “sighting” was in deer season so that would be November 2003. He didn’t get a clear view but went back the next day and saw nothing to fit the description of the previous night. He said it was about 8 feet tall.

“Yyyyyyy” (her son in second report) said the dog growled a little but didn’t see it. “Yyyyyyy” said he saw it sway a little but didn’t look hard enough to see legs. He said it had one arm up against the camper. He saw a distinct outline and told his uncle when he came in that there was a really tall “man” at the camper. He said the thing was a dark burnt orange color and smooth looking like silk. That sounded weird to me. It was August 13, 2005 on a Saturday. He came in and locked the door and started hunting for the key to the gun cabinet. He also went to a couple of windows but did not get a clear view of the camper.
If we happen to find something BIG, you are most welcome to investigate. My husband thinks we are all crazy as does everyone else we talk to except for one of our friends who believes there could be a number of things unknown to man living around us. Hopefully I can get a glimpse if it is really a true thing. We’ll see! 🙂


Mike’s other notes: I have a few other questions submitted to the family about the August 13, 2005 encounter. I’ll post any other significant correspondence here as it develops.

Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group