IN Putnam May 23, 2007 #00007

Cloverdale, Putnam County, Indiana
May 23, 2007

Upon returning home from getting my husband some cigarettes in Cloverdale Indiana at the S.R. 243 exit off I-70, I traveled my usual path down a road called Jackie Dunn Hill Road.

I had traveled down the road a short distance of maybe just over the third small hill and I saw something on the left side of the road. At first it appeared to be a black tree but at the very edge of the road I knew it was not a tree when it moved, turning to face my head lights path.

I could see a HUGE manlike thing, covered in black hair. Its face was very dark black and I could not see much detail but I could see it was man like.

Then it turned back towards the woods it was coming out of and it took 2 very large gaited steps and was out of my sight. It sends chills down my spine seeing it and I cannot go down that road without a sense of fear.

I use to hunt for mushrooms in the woods on the other side of the road (the way it was headed) but I will never go in there again. In fact I will never go into the woods by myself again. I use to hunt mushrooms and squirrel and I usually always went by myself but not after seeing that.

I have never been a non-believer in Bigfoot but unless you have actually seen one you are naturally going to have your doubts, just as I did. I now can honestly say that I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that Bigfoot really does exist.

I wasn’t going to report my sighting because people might think I was losing it, but at the urging of my friend saying people need to know what’s out there in the woods in their area I decided to report it so one who lives in southwestern Putnam County in Indiana will know they are out there!

Where I saw this thing was very near where the mushroom hunters saw a Bigfoot, which is already reported on your website. I hope you do print my sightings as I think people in our area need to be aware of their existence here.

I don’t care if you print my name or not, I do want the residents of this area to know about the sighting though and realize that were 2 sightings* within 1 month and just a few miles apart!!

Thanks a lot.
Yvonne Turner
Reelsville, Indiana
*(…a third sighting was reported to Larry Battson in August 2007…)