IN Putnam October 1975 #00009

Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0005-2005
DATE: Mid Oct. 1975
TIME: Evening.
LOCATION: Near Groveland, IN. Putnam IN. County / Off St. Rd. 36 – 3/4 mile north of St. Rd. 36
TYPE: Vocalization(s) – Tree Knock – Smell
AREA/TERRAIN: over grown farm property with woods and creek
WEATHER: about 55 and clear / had been sunny
EVENT/ENCOUNTER: The following is taken directly from web submission form:
I bought bare farm property I 1975, that was grown up in weeds, 5acres and went out in mid Oct. in the evening, to enjoy the property and to figure how I wanted to develop it, first 2 acres is grown up in weeds and just had it bush hogged and it goes back to a wooded area down in a small ravine and there is a small creek running thru it, I was standing at the edge of the ravine checking the woods out, when the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and I heard a low whistle start and went from a low whistle to high pitch and then smelled a terrible smell that smelled like a rancid dead meat odor with a sulfur smell, and then heard a noise like something beating on a tree, it only did it once, I got the hell out of there, it’s the only time that it happened. I did not see anything and at the time I did not even know about bigfoot, until 1979 when I saw a special on TV about the Patterson-Gimlin film and put the two together, I was scared to death and fascinated at the same time and have been hooked ever since, I have done field work on my own.
SMELL: bad smell like rancid meat and sulfur smell
MIKE’S NOTES: I spoke with ***** via phone. Had a nice phone conversation on Sunday Aug. 14, 2005. ***** has an extensive knowledge of the area in general and as it relates to the Native American Indians who lived across this region and Indiana in general. He is also part Native American. While the incident in 1975 certainly frightened the individual, it wasn’t until many years later in ’79 that he began to see a connection between it and the Bigfoot phenomenon. He relayed several odd stories from around that area in the time that he lived there. Some involved claims by residents of west central Indiana of a large hairy man. ***** No longer lives in that community.

Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group