IN Putnam Spring 2014 #00003

Putnam County (Spring 2014):

There is a nature park in Putnam County Indiana. The park is called fortune woods I’ve been going there for years hiking. It is very hilly and the big Walnut Creek flows thru the center of the park.
My girlfriend my friend and I was out hiking we have a spot way back in the woods we all hang out at we hung out there for awhile until it got dark I had a backpack full of supplies and a flashlight so we didn’t care it was dark in the middle of the woods. I have heard strange screams come from the woods at night before but I wasn’t at all scared to be out there at night I knew the layout of the land very well as I have hiked about everywhere out there, anyway — to our encounter.
We were on our way back to the truck it’s about a 30 minute hike from where we were at there are 2 ravines we have to cross on our hike we got about to the first one when we were stopped cold in our tracks right in front of us a very loud thud on a tree sounded like a rock had been thrown at us but hit the tree in front of us. We stopped and became silent and stood and listened we heard branches snapping down the hill in front of us and then it got silent. I led the group around the hill instead of going down and back up. When we were halfway thru walking around the hill we heard very loud breaking of limbs to the left of us down the ravine. I shined my flashlight and we couldn’t believe what we saw a very broad tall hairy creature rising slowly from behind a downed tree it stared at us for a second turned and ran down the hill we all clearly heard the heavy footsteps as it ran away. We were all frightened but intrigued I can remember my friend stuttering. What was that? I replied. I don’t know but we have to get back to the truck.
We started back for the truck with haste. The rest of the hike we believed it was following us. We kept having sticks and rocks thrown at us with such force bark was being knocked off the trees the projectiles were hitting. It was strange and scary we got back to the truck and I went over to my brother in laws. And told him of our occurrence. He is very skeptical. But I insisted we form a group and go back and check it out. For the next 3 months we would get our friends together every weekend and go back there stay till midnight or later and then make the walk back. For the first month we did that we had the same thing happen rocks and limbs thrown at us all thru the night.
We found tree limbs throughout the woods placed in the form of an X. Movement that would circle us thru the night as we sat at our hangout spot we have seen the projectiles fly over our heads and land beside us. Sticks that had mud and decay on them that wouldn’t of fell from a tree and rocks from golf ball size to rip rap size that were thrown at us. It’s hard to really put it into perspective what was going on thru writing but it was so interesting I always had to go back even though I was scared and so was everybody that went. We began to believe there was something out there and we were in its territory and the thrown objects were to fend us away. We had 2 vocalizations 2 different nights like nothing we ever heard I have made a match to a Bigfoot sight with different vocalizations that was assumed to be a Bigfoot. For 3 months we went out there and the occurrences got to be nonexistent. We believed it got tired of us and moved to some other part of the woods. I and everybody that has gone out there believe something is out there only three of us saw it. But I believe it was a Bigfoot.