IN Starke March 25, 2004 #00001

Report Received From: The GCBRO Online Report Submission Form.

DATE: March 25, 2004
TIME: 9:00AM
LOCATION: Starke County, Indiana

OBSERVED: We lived out in the country of XXXX, close to the XXXX River (which is not too far from where I saw the first incident). This place had several wooded areas and a creek called XXXX that came out of the River. The house that we lived in was below a hill. We had a half German Shepherd (and half whatever) chained by a tree and his doghouse in the back yard and we put up a clothes line in the same area.
One morning, I went to hang clothes and the few trees in back had limbs bowed over (no storms or wind) where my husband had to cut them down. Our dog had a nervous bark all night since then. He dug a hole between his doghouse and the tree and puts his body in that hole. One night we came home from church, everyone went inside and I went to get something else out of the vehicle. And as I was doing that, I was whistling a lively tune from the church service and a loud shrilled whistle answered me back. I quickly headed in the house. I went for a walk on the lane that goes around the hill and I walk through the woods on the hill and noticed that something large was lying near to the house where I heard the whistle. I know that there is Bigfoot activity in Starke County. About two or three years ago, I was over at my sister in laws house, which sits within a heavy wooded area, helping her with my mother in law (she had her leg amputated because of a diabetes situation) and they had a nurse come in to check her vital signs. Everyone except for me was in the room (the blinds were shut). I sat in the living room where I could see out through the woods. I saw the creature by the window, hold itself as still, and look around cautiously and carefully before moving on. The Bigfoot had short hair and was not very tall. I remember that I had a hard time believing what I saw. The creature and I would be about ten feet from each other. It looked like a gorilla or ape that walks like us.

Activities of Witness: Sitting in living room looking out the window.
Description of Creature: It had short hair and was not very tall. It looked like a gorilla or ape that walks like us.

Other Notes: I have submitted a report sometime ago here and have kept my eyes and ears open with the info that you supplied on this site. Sometimes I think that I see those stick formations and then I think maybe I want to see them, but this time I definitely saw it with a young tree bent over with the formation. The area where I saw it used to be a train track there, but now the only evidence of the
railroad is the Depot with a car sitting on it and the railroad ties and iron that go over the river. There is a worn sign on that viaduct that tells people not to walk on it– it may be dangerous. It was from there that about a couple of feet from the other side of this bridge that I saw the formation. I know that it was not made by a storm and how uniquely it was made.

Additional Notes and or Follow up Comments: Upon contact the witness had no additional information to add to this report.