IN Sullivan 1993 #00003

Sullivan County (1993):

Near Red Bird Mine in Dugger, Indiana. My oldest son and I had spent the night at my mother’s house because I had recently gone through a divorced. One night it was storming bad outside. We were in a bedroom watching TV. The storm got so bad we had to turn off the TV, for it was just static. We were laying there talking. A loud crack of thunder and lightning hit. . It startled us and we both looked to the window. Another flash of lighting hit and there it was— plain as day staring in at us. A large creature. Once the lightning hit again it was gone. I think we were both stunned at what just happened. I looked at my son and he looked at me. I was afraid to say anything for I was concerned I would scare him, but he looked at me and said, ” Mom did you see that?” I said ya…. what did u see. He said, ” I seen a face.” I admitted to him that I too had seen it. We both ran screaming to the other end of the house to my step dad and moms room. Of course, they thought we were nuts.
The face, body build and everything was clear to see. The fur was a dirty white color. It did not have any hair on its face. Its hair fell back away from its face. The eyes I will never forget. They were like a yellowish red, not like human eyes, absolutely animal style eyes. The body was massive. From my window the ground slopes down. Its face was at the top of the window, and seemed too slouched down looking in. This means he was between 10 and 11 foot tall. Creeps me out to this day. Chills just telling you. Anyway, if you have ever seen the old Planet of the Apes movies and are familiar with the chimp, the old guy with the light colored hair, although this thing was massive, and scarier looking, it had a similar appearance.