IN Sullivan April 2015 #00002

Sullivan County (April 2015):

These creatures either migrate; travel or they hibernate and remain well hidden for the winter! We live in Merom, Indiana, near Wabash River. The woods across from us, so we have heard, have caverns or caves. We have encounters with these creatures in the Spring and in the Fall.
Last year my husband saw one of these creatures. It was taller than him, and he is 6 ft. In the dark. A huge figure stood in our yard, — it took two steps and was gone out of site. He came running in, we ran out front to hear it barreling through the woods. We have a lot of nut trees around and have squirrels. Occasionally the wind will blow and cause the nuts to fall from the trees. However— we have had nuts hurled straight at us. There is a lot of animal activity, but we know the area animals, and how they sound. There have been some weird sounds at night. We have seen big shadows moving about in the yard.
All activity seemed to stop after the Fall. Now that it’s Spring time again, it’s starting back up. Last night— there were four sets of eyes spaced out in the woods. Too high up for it to be deer. My husband and son shined a light in that direction. One seemed to be a small one, all blackish in color. One of the tall ones lean out from behind a tree and then moved back. We have seen it several times. My husband went to get the car to shine the headlights in that direction. As soon as my husband started the car, my son yelled out. The small one stood up and they all backed off, as you could hear brush cracking. My son said “oh I seen its figure, it is bigger than me.” My son is an eighth grader, but he is as tall as his dad. It was dark, and my husband angled the car to shine the headlights in that direction but it was too late, they had moved back into the heavy brush.
Our dog seemed very nervous. He did not bark with us standing out there with him. He just stood there looking. Any other animals, except our cats, he barks like crazy. Immediately when we went in though, he barked and continued all night.