IN Vigo August 15, 1966 #00004

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Report Posted To GCBRO Web Site On: May 1, 2007
DATE: August 15, 1966
TIME: Midnight
LOCATION: Vigo County, Indiana
TERRAIN: Wooded slope above creek bottom

OBSERVED: Myself and another boy went “camping”. That was an excuse back then to hang out with our friends and sneak into the local drive in movie. After the movie we went to our camp which was a tent set in the woods behind an abandoned pasture. We had a fire going with a reflector like they taught us is scouts. We were setting down talking when I noticed sounds in the woods below us. It became clear that a two legged something was walking along the bottom of the hill moving west to east. As we listened it stopped. I looked up and realized it could see the fire against the leaves above us. It turned up hill and approach following the gully. The slope kept the bottom of the gully in deep shadow and we were slightly blinded by having the fire close to us. We could see nothing. Whatever it was came up the gully, which has steep sides, until it was in the shadow of a large tree about ten to fifteen feet away. We had clearly heard the stead steps of two legs in the leaves and it paused behind the tree. I kicked over the reflector to let more light out toward the gully. We called out and got no answer. It then walked toward us staying behind the tree. It stopped again and seemed to be directly behind the tree. Try as I might, by stepping from side to side I could not see into the shadows behind that tree. My friend and I decided that an exit was in order and left at as high a rate of speed as we could muster. The next day we recovered our tent but neither one of us wanted to look around for anything else.

Activities of Witness: Kids, about 13 or 14, camping
Description of Creature: N/A
Other Notes: N/A
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