IN Vigo March 20, 2013 #00003

DATE: Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TIME: Approx. 11:30pm

LOCATION: Eastbound Lane – Interstate 70 between Welcome Station/Rest Stop and the Wabash River just west of Terre Haute, IN and east of the Illinois State line

TYPE: Visual – close range

WEATHER: Clear and Cold

AREA/TERRAIN: woods, right by the interstate

WITNESS STATEMENT (taken directly from her website submission): “We were driving down the interstate, <driver’s name> was driving, and it was very dark. I was on the phone informing my mother of our whereabouts. As soon as I hung up the phone and looked up, the figure was there. It was walking in the opposite direction as we were driving. We were in an SUV but the form was as large, if not taller, than the vehicle. It was very tall, did not appear to have a distinct neck area, and was walking leisurely right beside the road. There were woods all around. It was as large as a bear but walking upright. It resembled an ape-like figure with fur. We believe it could have been searching for dead animals on the side of the road.”

Other statements made by witness: “neither of us could make out eyes of a face” – “No sounds were heard, the windows were up and the encounter was very brief. We were driving 70 mph” – “[the] head area, arms, legs, and a body were clearly outlined… black shadowy with fur all over, almost as tall as my SUV” – “patiently walking” – “It was big!” – “There was nothing around except the rest stop and woods. At first I thought it was a human but it clearly was not. <Driver name> saw it more clearly and longer. She noticed from a ways back.”

When asked what they (both witnesses) did after the sighting: “Discussed what we saw and confirmed that we both saw it … Evaluate what just happened and how amazing it was.”
MIKE’S NOTES: I spoke on the phone {with the passenger of the SUV, who submitted the sighting report,} on Sunday March 24, 2013 which was only 4 days after the encounter. She was very clear in what transpired back on Wednesday night and still clearly excited about having the experience. Here’s my synopsis of both the written report and my conversation with her.

On Wednesday evening March 20, 2013, the 2 witnesses were returning to their homes on the eastern side of Indiana via Interstate 70, having just traveled thru Illinois heading east. They had just crossed the state line and passed the “Welcome Station / Rest Stop” which is about 1 1/2 miles inside the Indiana state line. Somewhere in the next 3 miles BEFORE getting to the Wabash River (Terre Haute is just 1 mile east of the Wabash River) the reporting witness was finishing a phone call with a family member back home to let them know how far from home they still were. As she finished the call and hung up, she looked up to see as they were driving in the right-hand lane of the east-bound lanes of I-70 that there was a figure walking toward them, just off the travel portion of the road, just outside the solid white lane marker. At first (implied as they approached it) SHE thought that there was this “bear” walking on the side of the road headed west on their right side (passenger side) of the vehicle. But once they passed it’ (neither speaking yet) she realized it was neither a bear or a person as it was not clothed, was walking on 2 feet and had an ape-like appearance. It didn’t appear to attempt to move off the shoulder of the road to avoid them: it just seemed to be “patiently walking” along the side of the road, “in no big hurry”. After passing ‘it’, they began confirming between the two of them what each had seen, and with no apparent disagreement, both confirmed to each other a visual description of what had just transpired. The only other thing the witness could report was that the friend who was driving stated she had seen it coming for just a little longer than she (the passenger) had and was actively watching ‘it’ as they came upon it while the passenger was finishing her phone call home, looking up in just enough time to see it approach and pass by the vehicle.

While I don’t care for the obligatory “the witness seemed credible” type of statements in Bigfoot reports, I have to say that in talking with the submitting witness, that she was very clear and articulate about the event. Her recollections and memory of the event were very clear, and the longer we talked, a sense of excitement was evident in her voice as she relived and talked about her sighting. If in the coming days, she or the driver recall anything else previously unreported, the witness or the driver will be back in contact to add it to the report.

The western side of Indiana, with the Wabash River running down to the Ohio River, is full of reports of sightings and encounters. Several first hand reports I’ve received haven’t made it to the web for differing reasons. Another report from Terre Haute in 1995 will be posting in the Vigo County section very soon. All in all, it’s interesting to see over various spans of time; the reports continue to come in from specific regions of the state like the I-70 corridor from Indy over to the Illinois State line.