IN Vigo October 1995 #00002

VIGO County, Terre Haute, IN, October 1995
Young Woman Has Encounter To Last A Lifetime

I’m presenting this sighting exactly as it was reported to me because of how it was clearly described in a first-hand manner. This is taken directly from my website submission form. While many elements of the encounter are very consistent with other reports, a few answers and descriptions given may surprise you, but are also sometimes experienced by other first-hand witnesses. I’ve learned over the years to not simply dismiss all reports out-of-hand because some elements of the story seem unusual or don’t match my personal experience. With that, please read this report with an open mind and understand that not everything that occurs in life can always be easily explained.


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What other way(s) may we contact you to verify your submission? xxxx

When did this event occur? Date/Time: / How long did it last? – The sighting took place in the fall of 1995

Who (by name) was present when the event occurred? xxxx

Where did this occur? Be highly specific. Nearest landmarks? State/local roads? – I lived in a small subdivision on the outskirts of Terre Haute Indiana. Our home was at the dead end of the subdivision on a hill and behind our house was a very large corn field. There are woods to the left of the field that go on for a long ways.

What is the area like? Swamp/Woods/Field/Creek/Open Area/Other – [empty]

What was the weather like at the time? – It was around Halloween time and it was cloudy. The field was very muddy from the recent rain.

Tell YOUR STORY here with as much detail as possible. Include ANYTHING you can remember even if you don’t know that it pertains. – I was board one afternoon because I had been inside for a few days due to rain and cold so I decided to go exploring in the corn field behind my house. I had seen a few deer grazing in that field before and I was kind of hopeful I might get to see some that day. I remember the field had long since been harvested and the ground was really soft and muddy. I am unsure how far out into the field I walked but it was a good ten minute walk to get back the corn field curved off to the left and there was woods the ran along the length of it. After awhile I spotted two adult deer and a very large buck grazing. I got about 30 feet away from them and I just stood there and watched them. They had seen me I’m sure but they didn’t seem too fazed by my presence I think maybe because I was a comfortable distance away from them maybe. Then they looked up like they heard something and just took off like they were afraid and I looked at the area they had been looking at and that’s when I saw what I then called a gorilla-man. This creature had a human like face with a flat wide nose and very high broad shoulders. It was walking toward the field and it didn’t seem aware of me at first but the moment it looked my way it stopped and stood very still. It was right at the tree line not quite in the woods and barely in the field so I had a very clear an unobstructed view of it. It was about 20 to 25 feet from me and it was the blackest color I have ever seen only the face seemed a bit lighter. It stood there for at least a full minute and I just stared at it. It stood so still that I began to wonder if I was seeing things and it wasn’t a shadow or some bear so I walked closer. When I was about 15feet from it my heart began to race because I could see very clearly it was a very tall hairy animal that was bipedal and had human like features such as its dark eyes and they way it stood was very humanlike. It still wouldn’t move though so I reached down and picked up a clump of dirt and tossed it at it. I had no intentions of trying to hit it I just wanted to see if it moved because it was so motionless I doubted myself what even though I could clearly see it. The dirt clump landed a few feet away from it but it made the creature bend down a little like it was going to dodge it. Then it stood back up fully erect and gave me a very displeased look before it turned and began to walk back into the forest. I was so shocked and curious at the same time so I wasn’t really thinking straight and I began yelling hey stop wait as I ran towards the area It was. I stopped right at the beginning of the woods and there was a deep ditch and the creature was already walking up the other side. I yelled at it again and wave and asked it to stop but it just turned and looked at me for a moment and then walked the rest of the way up the ditch and into the woods on the other side. I have no idea why I ran after that thing still to this day I cannot believe I didn’t run screaming. It was like the minute it was walking out of sight it just hit me how scary the situation really was and I realized that as huge as the creature was it could have really hurt me badly if it had wanted to. I turned and ran as fast as I could back toward my house and I burst in the front door and started blurting out what had just happened to my mother. While I was still telling her what I’d seen the trailer suddenly began to shake violently to the point of knocking a picture off the wall and throwing me off balance and I fell over. When the trailer stopped moving my mom ran outside and I was right behind her because she thought we had just had an earth quake but nobody else was outside and so we ran to the neighbors and asked him if he had just felt anything but him and his wife both said they hadn’t felt anything. My mom got really freaked at that point and about two nights later I was at a friend’s house and my mom and step dad said the entire trailer began to shake and rock worse than before and my step dad grabbed my mother and made for the front door. They both claim the moment they were outside standing on the wooden deck the trailer stopped moving and they were suddenly almost knocked down by a very sudden and strong blast of wind. The strength of the wind actually knocked the porch swing off the deck and it was made of a heavy metal because it wasn’t the type that hung from the roof but it swung from its own base. After this all happened our neighbor claimed about a week later that he had caught a large hairy bipedal creature on his porch looking in his window late at night. The neighbor had a beautiful log cabin looking house and the front had a very large picture window that faced the road pointing the opposite way of the field behind us.

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? If so, explain. – I have never again or before saw anything like I had seen that day but I do have a family member who now lives in that same trailer or modular and he and his wife both claim to of seen something similar to what I did walking in the field behind their house and once in their own back yard.

Have you had any OTHER odd or strange encounters at THIS location or elsewhere before? – No never.

What did you do when this happened? – I remember telling my mom I had just saw a giant gorilla that walked like a man. It hadn’t even dawned on me until a few weeks later that what I’d seen had fit the descriptions of other big foot sightings.

What else comes to mind “after the fact”? – It seemed to be startled by seeing me just as I was by seeing it. It obviously was interested or curious about me also and it watched me while I waved and shouted hello trying to get a reaction from it but it remained perfectly still.

What is YOUR gut reaction to/about what happened? – I think that day I saw it that was there possibly to hunt deer because there was a lot of them that grazed in that field plus the reaction from them when they picked up on it was fear.

What has this event done to change you, if at all? – It has caused me to actually be less critical when I hear other people talk about their own strange encounters

Could you clearly see a head? Face? Eyes? Nose? Mouth? Ear? Other features? Please describe: – It was the blackest color I have ever seen before in my entire life, I cannot explain how black it was. It was much lighter though around the eyes nose and face because it had less hair there. It had completely black eyes and I saw no white in them whatsoever. They we very large for its face and it had a wide flattened looking nose. Its mouth stayed close with very thin lips until the very last time it looked at me before it walked out of sight. It opened its mouth slightly and I could see well enough that its incisor teeth were much longer than the others kind of reminding me of a baboons teeth. Its head was shaped a lot like a gorillas with a cone type rounded skull. I could see that it was very muscular also kind of reminding me of the upper part of silver back gorilla also.

If you made “eye contact”, how long did it last? What did you think about it? How did it make you feel? – I made direct eye contact with it for what seemed like 2 minutes before I finally threw something at it to make it move. Since it had such large pure black eyes my opinion is it is a mainly nocturnal animal.

What did “it” do? What did YOU do? – I think I was in shock but I was just happy I wasn’t the only one who experienced something unexplainable at the time. I didn’t even tell anyone else because I wasn’t sure how to even explain it. It was so unbelievable even to me at the time.

Did you hear any specific sounds? Describe: Did you feel any physical effects on you? Describe: – I did not hear a sound from it the entire time but I still am puzzled by it sighting I have left out one very big part of this encounter because it is even more unbelievable to me than just the sighting. The last time it turned around when I was beginning to follow it into the woods I heard a voice tell me DO NOT FOLLOW ME but even stranger the creatures mouth never moved and I’m not going to even try and explain it but I believe it spoke to me directly in my own mind.

Could you clearly make out other features such as arms, legs, frontal regions, hind regions? Unique features? – The cone shaped head reminded me a lot of a gorilla I’m sure that’s why I referred to it as the gorilla-man for a long time. It had to of stood around 7ft tall and I remember it had very long arms with human like hands and the bottom of its feet did not seem to have hair I notice when it was walking away.

How tall would you estimate it was? What color was it? – It had to of stood at least 7ft because when I got to the same spot where it had been standing I remember its head was even with the branch of the sycamore tree that it stood by. I was 5ft at the time I’m now 5’2 and I raise my arm up to see if I could touch the branch at its head level and I still could not. It is even harder for me to explain to you just how black it was. I can only say that I have never seen anything that black before or since and had it been night I’m positive it would have been completely invisible.

How did it walk or run? Describe: – [empty]

Did it pickup or move anything? Was it carrying anything? – it was moving through the branches toward the open field until it saw me and stopped

Did you notice any odd, bad, or strange smells during the encounter? Describe: – No I never smelled anything unusual

Anything else you can think of that hasn’t been asked about? Tell ME!! (If you think of something else later, you may certainly come back and submit it.) – No.

What did you do when the event was over? – I ran as fast as I could to tell an adult. At the time I actually tried to convince my mother to call the police because there was a gorilla loose in the woods. I remember I was shocked by how long it took me to run back to the house. I hadn’t realized that I had been so far out to the point that I had walked completely around the curve of the field and I couldn’t even see the line of trees that divided the field from our back yard

Anything else you just need to vent and get of your chest??? – no