IN Warrick 1985 #00003

Warrick County, Indiana
I live in Warrick County Indiana. I was across from my house fishing in a lake that we always fished in. It was in a wooded area that was across the street from a county park. The whole
area is scattered with wooded lots and farmlands. I was fishing there for about 20 minutes when I got an uneasy feeling that I was being watched or something.

As I started looking around from my right to left, I noticed something large and hairy standing in the water looking directly at me. It didn’t make any movement or sound, just stood there staring at me, didn’t make any noises or moves at all.
I dropped everything I had and ran up the hill, through the woods and across the street.
I was about 70 yards from my house and it all accrued at about 4 pm in the summer time. I don’t care that my friends and family think I am crazy, I will go to my death bed knowing that I was looking at Bigfoot. He was “roughly 6-7 feet tall” – he was in water up to his knees. Dark colored fur and that was about all I got a look at before I bolted for home.
I will never forget what I saw. It scared the hell out of me, I refused to go into those woods for many years, and I wouldn’t go alone, not after that. If you need any more information,
Contact me at, not the email I sent this from. Thanks Jason Tremper
Report filed with Bobbie Short, Saturday, November 03, 2001 11:36 AM