KY Adair May #00002

Your first name: Sharon (last name on file)

Which county? Adair

Estimated date? Last week in May

Estimated time? Around 5p.m. central

What city, or nearest city? Columbia AND Knifley

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 minutes

How many witnesses? Just I and my dogs

Please describe your encounter:

Let me say first I am a believer in Bigfoot. I am a 63 year old housewife and care giver to 30 abused animals. My husband and I have been taking care of abused animals out of our own money for 33 years. This year has been a very bad one for going to the vet. I am not over estimating I have already paid $4000 and still owe $8000. So on one of many trips back and forth to the Adair County Animal Hospital on route 55 in Columbia, I was headed back home to Knifley on 504. I was on the hill going down to cross the bridge over the Green River. I was at the top of this hill and I saw this big hairy creature cross on the other side of the bridge about half way up the hill. It looked like a big man, but was covered in hair. It came out of the left side of the very heavy wooded area, crossed over the paved road to the right side of the road, but then it went back to the middle of the road and just sort of stared at me I believe and then went back to the right side and disappeared into the woods. I was really stunned and I said to myself, I think you have just seen a Bigfoot. Its arms seemed much longer than any person’s would be and the creature just swayed them back and forth. Well, I wasn’t sure if I should tell anybody. I did tell my husband. Then I was talking to my very best friend here in Kentucky as we are 8 year transplants from Chicago and I told her what I had seen. What she told me next really shook me up. She claimed that she had or has an uncle who lives very close to this same area where I had the sighting and he often told her he had seen what he thought to be a Bigfoot in the area. This really made me feel better and I am very sure at what I had seen. People do a lot of fishing down by Green River, but it was much higher up into such a dense woods. When it walked back to the middle of the road and just stood looking my way, why would a person want to look at a truck. Well, that is my story, every word is true.