KY Anderson 2012 #00003

Anderson County, Kentucky
Land owner see Sasquatch cross his road in 2012….

I have a 7 acre tract of land that borders on Anderson and Franklin County, Kentucky. My land is undeveloped and near a high ridge called Hickory Ridge. I was out at my property last Saturday night….burning wood and old trees that I have cleared from my site. I sat next to the fire….facing the fire….and also facing a small road that runs through my property….it is my access road. At 8pm that night I looked up quickly from hearing some noise, but also picked up on a huge shadowy figure coming up the road. I thought it was a hunter….but it was much larger. The second time I looked back at it….it went to its left and crossed over what I thought was a barbed wire fence along my property line….then went into the woods.

At that time I didn’t think it was a hunter. I wasn’t sure what it was since this was Kentucky and not Oregon or California. I did hear some noise in the woods of branches breaking and then nothing. Upon returning home in Frankfort, KY, I checked online and was surprised that there were 15 other Bigfoot sightings in Anderson County over the last few years. I believe that I saw a Bigfoot that night going into the woods.

R. T.
Frankfort, Kentucky