KY Breckinridge 1991 #00003

Website Submission on 6-26-06
Your first name: Steve

Which county? Breckinridge

Estimated date? About 15 yrs ago

Estimated time? Don’t know

What city, or nearest city? Cloverport

Length of time the encounter lasted: 10 – 15 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter: My Dad told this story to me when me and my first wife came for a visit from Oregon, Him and his common law wife at that time were living in a trailer up on the old M&L Landfill Road right at the top of this steep hill. He had told me of this very strange sound he heard, a type of scream or something, but it raised the hair on the back of his neck so bad that he wouldn’t go out of the trailer at night unless he could see very well, I can’t really remember if he had a dog at that time or not but he said that there was a lot of strange things going on out there. He had also said that there was this awful type of smell kind of like old dead dog, rodent, whatever type of smell but it was very stinky. I don’t know how much truth is into this or not, but I have walked the M&L Landfill Road before and to me it wasn’t much fun, is like someone or something is watch you, My Dad is gone now, he died last year of cancer (3-27-05 ) but I know that he wasn’t into telling lies.

Additional Info: Old M & L Landfill Road just out of Cloverport, Ky. off Hwy 92