KY Breckinridge December 21, 2007 #00002

Website Submission on 1/5/08
Your first name: Jim

Estimated date? 12/21/07

Estimated time? 23:00

What city, or nearest city? Cloverport

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 min

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:

” I and my son were driving down a country road around 11pm on 12/21/07. We had just turn around and were heading back toward the city when we both saw something out the passenger side door window. We both at the same time said what that was. I stopped the truck, backed up, and could see a large object about 80 yards from the truck. As we backed up the object continued to look at us. I stopped the truck and rolled down the window when I did I shined a flashlight at the object. It then slowly turned and walked into the woods. We went back to town and got a friend of mine and we went back out to the spot where we had seen the object. We walked down to the edge of the woods and all of a sudden, we heard this growl or roar. As we stood frozen, we head it walking deeper into the woods.”

Describe the creature with detail:

“It appeared to be 6 1/2′ to 7′ tall. Appeared to have fur covering the entire body. It was walking upright and walked away from us. It did not appear to be in any hurry.”