KY Bullitt December 16, 2009 #00007

Website submission on 5/5/10
Your first name: n/a

Which county? Bullitt

Estimated date? 12/16/09

Estimated time? 9:00 am

What city, or nearest city? N/A

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

This is the first time I have said anything about what I saw one morning while deer hunting. I was hunting on a farm I had been hunting for a few weeks. From the stand I was in that morning, I always seen a few deer after day break, but that morning I seen nothing. I thought it was weird since I always seen deer there. well I take pics with my phone about every time I go hunting I took one of me sitting in the tree after I took it I looked at the pic to see a black figure in the back ground I thought that is a deer so I began to slowly turn around. What I saw I will never forget. It was very tall, brown and it was standing on 2 legs, I went for my rifle to get a better look with my scope and it was gone. I don’t think it seen me as I was up 20 feet in a stand. After reading on this site I’m thinking what I saw might have been a big foot. I’m not one to believe in that kind of stuff. But what I saw was not your everyday thing I will never forget it. This thing was about 70 yards from me so I did not get a real good look at the details.

9. Describe the creature with detail: ‘6 to7 feet tall brown hair very hairy standing on 2 legs
FOLLOW UP: 5/6/10

Called witness and spoke with him at great length. He was deer hunting from a stand around 9:00am. Usually every morning he sees deer around this time, however on this occasion it was eerily quiet. He often takes pictures with his phone and sends them to his buddies. He decided to take a picture of himself. After viewing the picture, he noticed a dark figure about 70yds away in the background. He slowly turned his head around to catch a glimpse of a 6-7ft tall, hairy creature standing on two legs. To gain a better view, the witness reached for his gun to view the creature from his scope, but by the time he turned back around the creature was gone. The sighting lasted only 7-10 seconds. He did see it move its head a little, almost like it was looking around. The witness got the impression the animal was lost. Do to the great distance and short time; little detail could be deciphered regarding its face or other details. It was definitely on two legs. It was “very” hairy –dark brown, almost black. It had wide shoulders. After about 10 minutes, the witness cautiously climbed down from his stand and ran back to his truck. He did return only once to retrieve his deer stand and has never gone back since. He stated, “It was not like anything I have ever seen before. Every day since this has happened, I think about it. I have never told anyone and want to remain anonymous. I have goose bumps now just telling you the story.
The witness sent me the picture for review. The dark object is too far away and the resolution is poor. He asked me not to post the picture, as his face is in the picture, therefore he is grayed out. He was a little frighten by this creature and asked if they were aggressive. I told him they do try to intimidate on occasion (growls, tree breaks, rock throwing), but for the most part they avoid humans at all costs. Some are curious and when no indication of a threat is present, they may venture very close to humans. At known habitual sights were trust is established, they may even become quite friendly.
Possible structure and tracks found on June 8, 2010 (need Facebook account to view)

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator