KY Bullitt Fall 2011 #00002

Phone Interview 10-21-12
Date: Fall 2011
Time: Dusk
City: Clermont
Location: Hwy 245 (exact location on file)
Witnesses: Jason and Ron (last names on file)
Coon hunters Ron and Jason were driving down Hwy 245 when they saw an upright, dark, huge creature run across the road. Both men stressed, “It was very fast!” The creature ran across the edge of the outstretched beam of the truck’s headlights, therefore the witnesses mostly noticed its legs. It was said to be very dark in color (maybe black), hairy and “it was definitely running on two legs.” Ron and Jason are very experienced hunters and they reassured me, “this was not a bear or deer.” I asked if it was uniform in color, or if you could see what appeared to be shoes? They both agreed they did not notice shoes and it was dark and hairy all over. Jason asked Ron, “What was that? And Ron replied, “I don’t know, what that was?” They estimated it around 8 feet or maybe taller.

Follow Up: 9-6-2013
About a year ago we (the KBRO) were on an investigation late one evening and came across two coon hunters on a dark, desolate road. They asked what we were doing, and after explaining our intentions, we fully anticipated a chuckle, instead they paused for a moment, then told us about a sighting they had the prior year!
Jason and Ron observed a huge, bi-pedal figure cross the road in front of their truck. It was just beyond their headlights, yet closes enough to tell it was massive, running quickly on two legs, dark in color (black or really dark brown) and at least 8 foot or taller. It happened so fast that it was difficult to obtain much detail, however Jason reiterated a few times that it was definitely NOT a person. It never looked in their direction. It ran at a slight angle away from the truck. This stretch of road is paralleled by dense woods on both sides. When they slowed the truck down to see where it went, it had already disappeared into the thick cedar trees. As most typical road crossings, this sighting took place immediately after their vehicle rounded a curve.
We had to pursue Jason, thus it was very nice of him to take time out of his busy schedule to meet us. His story was 100% consistent to the story we heard from both men during our first meeting–never wavering nor adding any embellishment. I found him highly credible. Unfortunately Jason’s friend is recovering from an illness and was unable to interview with us at this time. We wish him a speedy recovery and perhaps he might grant us an interview in the near future.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

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