KY Bullitt Fall 2012 #00001

Investigation 9-10-13

Date: Fall 2012

Time: Just before dusk

City: Shepherdsville (address on file)

Witness: Mary Jo (last name on file)

Investigators (Dana and Charlie) met Mary Jo and her family at their residence on 9-10-13. A lighting storm lingered dangerously close so we had to take measurements quickly. Its height was estimated at about 7 and half feet tall and it stood approximately 150 feet from Mary Jo.
Mary Jo and a friend were skipping rocks in her backyard pond when Mary Jo went to look for more rocks. She remembers hearing a grunting sound. “It sounded like a hog,” she explained. When she looked in the direction of the grunts, the grunting stopped. She observed a big, blackish/brown figure standing on two legs in the tree line. The features which were most memorable to Mary Jo: The arms hung straight down to its knees, the head was pointed towards the top, no noticeable ears, a wide/flat nose with noticeable nostrils, and its shoulders were very wide like a football player. We asked Mary Jo if she could recall other details, but that’s all she could remember. The creature never moved. Immediately upon seeing the creature, Mary Jo grabbed her friend and fled inside the house.
Important Notes: On a few different occasions Mary Jo’s father heard very loud tree knocks while hunting in his tree stand on this same property and one evening while standing on his front porch; fresh water mussels are frequently found opened around the pond (although this could be the result of a raccoon); and surprisingly, a confirmed bear track was verified on the property the same year. Based on the track, Fish and Game estimated the bear between 400-500lbs. coincidently on a separate occasion; Mary Jo did see the bear on the opposite side of the pond on all fours. Mary Jo is familiar with what a bear looks like and due to the creature’s broad shoulders noticed the day she was skipping rocks, this seems more likely to be a bigfoot. Not to mention, the creature was observing the two girls from a tree line standing on two legs and this area has an extensive history of Bigfoot sightings which are not published due to confidentiality, including law enforcement and two park rangers.

– Charlie and Dana Raymond, Lead Investigators

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