KY Bullitt March 1, 2005 #00005

Website submission on 2-1-10
Your first name: Matt and his wife (last names on file)

Which county? Bullitt

Estimated date? 3/1/2005

Estimated time? 5:30 am

What city, or nearest city? Hillview / Brooks

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

“My wife of five years saw this creature when we first met. I have tried to get her to report it but she is afraid of ridicule. She was a senior in high school at the time of the sighting. She lived in a very rural portion of Bullitt County. She had an approx half mile walk from her home to catch her bus. She left her home is the morning around 5:00am, no one else was at home. Her driveway was approximately 200 feet long. As she began walking down the dirt driveway, she observed a very large animal walking on two feet approximately forty yards in front of her. The driveway had woods on one side and a field on the other. The “animal” walked from the field onto the gravel of the driveway. Upon seeing this wife stopped and let out a deep gasp. When she did, the animal stopped mid stride, turned its head only at looked at her. They looked at one another for a few seconds, the animal growled and then leaped into the woods. It could be heard running down into the wooded hollow. She says she stood there is absolute fright until she could no longer hear the animal in the distance, and then ran to her bus stop. She says she would have run into the house but she had left her keys inside, and looked the door behind her. Former residents of the home have reported hearing very strange sounds at night. They described it like a deep dog howl mixed with a woman screaming. “

Describe the creature with detail:

“The creature was about forty yards away. She described it around 6’5 to 7’0 foot tall. It was very well muscled, especially in the chest. The legs appeared to have been canine-like. The arms were long and bulky; she did not see its hands. It had dark brown or black hair covering its body. Its head was similar to a dog or a wolf with a midsized mussel, and ears that looked like German shepherd’s. She said the thing she noticed the most was its eyes. They were a yellowish colored and reflected in the security light behind her like a deer, or dog’s eyes in headlights. She says it was the terrifying, she thought she had seen a bear. We do not have bears here. This thing walked on two legs the whole time. When she let out the gasp, it slowly turned its head to look at her, and seemed unafraid at the time.”

Additional Info:

The area is very rural and wooded. I will send pictures of the area, with where she saw it if interested. I will also try to get my wife to draw what she had seen.

FOLLOW-UP (email): 7-6-10
“Mr. Raymond. Hello and thanks for responding to my report. Alright, a little more on this thing. This activity is ongoing but various in intensity. Unfortunately that photo that my father in law had is gone. But I have some strange ones myself, so I’ll be glad to send them to you. My wife told me of this thing a few years ago. For the last year, I have been trying to gather evidence of it and trying to catch a glimpse of it as well. This has been going on in a very remote part of western Bullitt County. Up until the last year my in law had a HUGE number of cats they took care of. Basically they brought a few cats here when they moved here, and there were strays and cats to what cats do, and boom near 35 cats. That’s no play up, there were really that many here. That number has gone to four. These were for the most part healthy adult cats that just disappeared in the night. I searched the woods around the property. No sign of them. No fur, no blood, no bones. Its seems something has carried them off. It would have to be very fast to repeatedly run down adult cats nightly. They also have dogs here. Five beagles tied up in a kennel next to the wood line. Almost every night at around 200am they go crazy because something moves though the woods. I have heard this movement. It’s something large with human like footfall. But the closest I have gotten to seeing it was one night last fall. We had been inside, and not been outside for a long period of time. At around midnight, I heard a cat “scream” a huge thump against the house followed by the dogs going crazy. I ran to the door with a powerful flashlight and opened it. I did a quick scan around the back yard. Near the end of the yard there is a tree stump about 6 feet tall. There behind that stump were a set of yellowish white reflective eyes. I stared at them and they stared back. I yelled for my wife to come and look which she did. This thing ducked behind the stump, and then it would peek around the side. Then hide again, and then look over the top again. I don’t know but the way it moved seemed intelligent. I have a pair of binoculars that have a slight night vision function, when I looked threw them I could see whatever it was had a large head with a snout. I have no doubt that this was the same creature that Erin had seen. We again caught it by surprise. What’s a good time to call? I’ll have my wife give you a ring sometime this week. Can you tell me what you know about this dog man creature? How many are there. What are there dangers? And how the best way to catch a glimpse of it. It seems smart, which is the most terrifying part of the whole thing. There also have been strange sounds and paths through the woods. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to speak with you soon.”

(One of many tracks discovered)

FOLLOW-UP (phone): 7-7-10
I had the pleasure to speak at great length with Matt and the witness (his wife). I found both of them to be very credible and sincere. The witness stated that she left her house around 5:00am one morning in May 2005 to catch the school bus. She was a high school student at the time. As she walked down the long, winding, gravel driveway she noticed what at first she thought was a person coming out of the woods about 40 yards ahead of her. However, as it made its way up the embankment and onto the drive way, she then thought it was bear. She stopped immediately her tracks! The creature got halfway across the driveway and stopped when it heard a gasp made by the witness. It turned its head and looked directly at the witness. She said it seemed like they starred at each other forever, but it was actually on a few seconds. The creature then made a low grow/moan. The creature was walking upright on two legs the entire time. It stood “at least” 8′ tall, had reddish-brown hair (medium in length), it had pointed ears on top of its head like a dog, a medium-sized muzzle (dog-like), yellowish eyes (reflected from the flood light on her house), long claws and dog-like legs. No tail was noted. It then jumped into the woods and ran off. Because her parents were not at home and her house was locked, she waited until the coast was clear, and then ran the rest of the way to the bus stop. She told her boyfriend when she arrived at school and parents later. It was dismissed as a bear by her parents; however her boyfriend has been intrigued by the encounter and has been investigating the area ever since, finding a great deal of evidence. The witness agreed to draw a sketch of the creature (posted here soon).

– Charlie. Raymond, Lead Investigator
FOLLOW-UP (investigation): 7-11-10

We were fortunate to meet both witnesses at the property at 7:00pm. We asked both witnesses to recount their ordeals. Both of their testimonies were consistent with previous reports. Although, the date of the encounter was most likely in May of ’05 instead of April of ‘5; the creature’s height was estimated closer to 8′ (we had Parker stand where the creature had crossed the road); and the witness recalled a strange rotten smell as she first approached the driveway.

Matt (witness), Parker (researcher) and I (Charlie) hiked until dark looking for evidence. We had to machete our way through thick vegetation to reach a ridge. There’s thousands of acres of untouched wilderness at this location (Fort Knox, Jefferson Memorial Forrest converge here). A possible territorial marker was found (a game trail lead up to this marker). Below are a series of pictures of this marker. The main horizontal tree was twisted and then bent over holding down a smaller tree. These were locked together with a third, separate stick.


Other photos taken during our investigation:

Parker demonstrates where the creature crossed the driveway. Its height was estimated at the tree branch above Parker’s head. Parker is 6′ tall.

The backyard where the owner’s dogs bark most nights beginning around 2:00am. The dogs appeared very skittish–hiding or pacing back and forth.

Stump from where the yellow eye-shine would peek above and to the sides. Again Parker is 6’ tall.

View after “climbing” up from the creek. We then had to machete our way through thick and unforgiving briars. Although the blackberries along the way were sweet.

We tried cooking some bacon to lure in our subject(s). At midnight we began making a series of tree knocks and whoops. At one point we thought we heard very faint knocks off in the distance. The most significant response was a deep growl made shortly after a whoop. It’s hard to hear on the recorder as the crickets overpower the recording (it will need to be cleaned-up). Many unexplained sounds happened through-out the night. On two different occasions we heard two large “crashes” only a few hundred feet from our location. These crashes put us on high alert. At one point, around quitting time (3:00am) we thought we heard “someone” talking off in the distance, kind of like gibberish or Samurai Chatter (source: This gibberish would take place as we were talking. Other strange noises were experienced throughout the evening. On one occasion Parker heard two small rocks hit the bushes and a car parked at the front on the property. We also found a few additional tree breaks/twists and a possible bedding area, but nothing definitive. It was a strange and exciting evening to say the least.

Actual sketch made by the witness shortly after her encounter.
-Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator