KY Bullitt May 14, 2011 #00006

5-14-11 Woman calls Talk Radio Show. Says husband almost hit a tall hairy figure running across Highway 44 West.

If you know the witness, please have them contact me. I would like to know the full details of this encounter.

Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator
A second-hand report came in regarding a very tall hairy figure crossing Highway 44 West. This report was heard on a local talk radio show a few years ago. The witness’ wife called the radio show. Supposedly the lady’s husband would travel to work from Shepherdsville to Fort Knox early each morning. One morning, after about 30mins from his departure, the witness called his wife distraught. He said a tall hairy figure ran directly in front of his vehicle and that he almost hit it. Supposedly it was very fast and so tall, he couldn’t see its head as it towered above his windshield.