KY Bullitt May 2003 #00004

Website submission on 11/1/11
Your name: Angie Keith

Which county? Bullitt
Estimated date? May 2003
Estimated time? 6:00am
Nearest city? Louisville
Nearest Road(s): Hwy 44 West and Dixie Highway
Length of time the encounter lasted: 10-20 secs
How many witnesses? 2
Please describe your encounter:
My mom and I were sitting at the pink liquor store at the bottom of Martin Hill almost to Dixie Hwy. As a matter of fact only feet from Dixie. We saw two dogs running loose and watched them investigate a wooded area and suddenly a tall black creature walked across a field. I’ve never seen a black bear over 7ft.tall. No man I’ve ever met is 7ft tall or taller. When this creature walked its arms swayed side to side. The dogs would not go back the same way they came, and acted weird until the creature turned and went in the woods.
Describe the creature with detail: 7ft tall, long arms, black fur
Follow Up 11-3-11:
I spoke to both witnesses by phone. The reason they were parked at that location was to pick up some important papers from her son/brother on his way to work and it was a convenient meeting spot. They first noticed the dogs as they emerged from the woods, one with its tail between its legs. The dogs walked and did not run. No barking or whimpering was noticed. At this moment they watched an 8 foot tall hairy creature walk across the field. It had long black hair and swung its long arms dramatically as it walked. “It walked straight up, not hunched over”. It was too far away to see its face, hands or feet. The head was large and round, not conical. It had “very wide shoulders.” It appeared as if it had just crossed Dixie Hwy near a flood wall. It walked swiftly across the field and into the woods. Both witnesses seemed very sincere and credible.

View of the field from a vehicle parked at the liquor store.
– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator