KY Bullitt May 2006 #00003

Website submission on 2/16/12
Your name: Undisclosed for privacy purposes

Which county? Bullitt
Estimated date? May 2006
Estimated time? 2:00pm
Nearest city? Louisville
Nearest Road(s): undisclosed for privacy purposes
Length of time the encounter lasted: 5-10 secs
How many witnesses? 1
Please describe your encounter:
I was taking a nap on the sofa in my living room when my dog (who was chained up in our backyard) began barking frantically. When I sat up and looked out my back window I saw this creature walking on two legs across my backyard. It was a clear sunny day and there was no mistaking what I saw, it was a Bigfoot! I called my husband at work and said “I saw it, I saw it” and he said “saw what?” “The bigfoot!” I exclaimed. He told me to call my neighbor and warn her to lock her doors as it was headed her way.
Describe the creature with detail: 7-8ft tall, long arms, reddish-brown hair
Follow Up:

I’ve spoke to the witness many times in person. She is a very level-head, nonsense lady. Generations of sightings have taken place in this exact area and her description fits the profile. We currently have trail cameras set up at this location in hopes of obtaining pictures.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator

Sketch by Bart Nunnelly under the specific direction from the witness.