KY Clark Summer 1976 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by witness Joe, Daniel, John, Donald & James H on Tuesday, January 12, 1999.
Boy has evening sighting while bike riding with brothers near Booneboro River
YEAR: 1976
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Clark County
LOCATION DETAILS: Clark County Kentucky between Winchester and Richmond near the Booneboro River on Elkon Station Road near a railroad track.
NEAREST TOWN: Winchester and Richmond
NEAREST ROAD: Elkon Station Road
OBSERVED: This might be a little late to report but at the time and considering our age’s people didn’t believe us. So it was forgotten until I started to check out some Bigfoot info once I moved to Seattle Washington. Anyways here is what happen that warm summer day as best as I can remember.

It was a warm sunny summer day and we have been playing in the woods much of the day. In fact J. (the oldest of us five brothers) had made a path down the hill and had just ridden his bike (without brakes) down the hill and hit some rock and had flipped over the handle bars. It was also a place that we use to play cowboy and Indians. It was getting late in the evening, around 7-8 PM. My brother D. was the last one to leave the wood that day when he came running back screaming that he had just seen a hairy monster. When we all went back there we could see nothing but there was a strange smell in the air that stunk and we thought that an animal had died and started to rot so played it off like he didn’t see anything. That night he drew a picture of what he saw and it looked just like some of the drawings of Bigfoot that I have seen as of today. Anyways us boys all went down to where he said he seen the thing and we notice large footprints just noticeable to the eye because it was so dry but there was a little spring running in the middle of the woods and there were some soft ground that the footprints where made in. They looked just like a human footprint but very big. We all tried to get our Mother and Step-Father to come down and look at them but they just thought we were being kids. Still this day my brother swears he saw Bigfoot that day and I do believe him. At the time of the sightings our ages where:::: 12, 9, 8, 6, and 4. As you can see that we all were very young and the one who saw it was only 6 at the time so you see why no one believed us at the time. I still remember that day like it was yesterday because of the fright in my brothers eyes when he came out of the woods that day. Like I said this is very old but my brother who was 6 at the time still remembers it. I still remember seeing the footprints swallowing my barefoot when I place it in it. You can use this if you want or just disregard it. An again thanks for your time and this was not a hoax. Again thanks
ALSO NOTICED: There was a bad odor at the time of the sighting what we thought was a rotten dead animal and after the incident we found huge footprints at the place of the sightings
OTHER WITNESSES: Playing in the woods
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Late in the evening, around 7-8 PM
ENVIRONMENT: Wooded hillside area near some railroad tracks