KY Floyd November 2000 #00001

Website submission 2-24-13
Your first name: Jessica
Estimated date? November 2000
Estimated time? Just after midnight
Nearest city? Betsy Lane
Nearest Road(s): US 23
Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds to 1 minute
How many witnesses? 1
Please describe your encounter:
As I was driving home from Betsy Lane to Allen driving north on US 23 I saw a large human type being dash across the highway from the river. As I got closer, it placed one hand on the concrete barrier separating the highway and jump over it using two legs and jumping off the barrier. At first I thought it was a man but as I drove closer I my lights reflected on it and it was very tall and large with what I call true brown hair. Like a reddish brown. I would say that it had to be 6.5 – 7 feet tall because after it jumped over the barrier it only took about 5 strides to cross both lanes. Then it must have went in the ditch of the mountain or scaled up it. I have told this story several times and have never changed it. I would have told you this before if I had known of the website. I am now a true believer.
Describe the creature with detail: Large and agile. Brownish red or true brown fur. Long legs and tall body.
Any additional Info? I believe this Bigfoot was coming from the Big Sandy River after feeding. There is a lot of wildlife in this area. It was also warm that night for a November.
Follow-up: 2-25-13
I spoke to Jessica over the phone and found her highly credible. She was very adamant about what she saw. She has told her story to family and friends but has never reported it officially until now.
She was 20 years old at the time and had to make her midnight curfew. She was driving southbound on US 23. Unlike many reports where the witness comes around a curve, Jessica was on a straight stretch of highway and she was travelling at approximately 50 mph. When she first noticed the creature it was about 40 yds in front of the car, so she briefly tapped her breaks. She could not remember if there was a full moon or not, but once her headlights caught it she was able to watch it the entire time. It did not appear to be running, just walking really fast. It did have an odd gate or stride to it. Its legs were curved back and its hips seemed higher up than a man’s. It had a slightly curved back and swung its arms as it ran. The most important feature she conveyed to me was how long its legs where with its hip being up higher than a man’s hip and there was a big curve to rear/backside. The image of Patty (Patterson Footage) comes to mind. The arms were not abnormally long as in most cases; rather its hands came to just above the knees. The hair looked thick, not long, and not short. It was smaller in the waist, and very wide through the back and shoulders. The head seemed a little smaller compared to its wide shoulders. The head shape seemed normal.
US 23 is a four lane highway. She watched it cross the two lanes in 5-6 strides, place its right hand on the center concrete barrier, and jump it like a man would. As she approached the spot, it could not be seen as there were no other cars on that side of the highway, thus is disappeared into the darkness. She doesn’t remember if it ever looked at her and she could not see much detail in regards to its hands or feet.
– Charlie Raymond, KBRO Investigator