KY Hancock (Date Unknown) #00001

Website submission on 12/9/08
Your first name: Anonymous

Which county? Hancock

Estimated date? Unknown

Estimated time? Dark

What city, or nearest city? Hawesville

Length of time the encounter lasted: Unknown

How many witnesses? 1

Please describes your encounter:
Let me begin by saying this is a ‘third’ hand account. It was told to me by my uncle who was working as a security guard at the paper mill (at the time it was Williamete Industries) located halfway between the towns of Hawesville and Cloverport. According to my uncle, one of the other guards that he worked with came into the guard shack one night spooked and shaken about something. When my uncle asked him what was wrong the man replied he thought he had seen “Bigfoot” while doing his nightly checks around the property. He described having pulled the patrol truck into the park located on the mill’s property and getting out doing his checks. Running through the middle of the park is a small creek and on the northern side of the creek, tucked back in to the tree line a bit is a small playground. The guard described seeing movement and assumed it was teenagers trespassing on the property after hours. As he got closer, he realized this was not the case at all. Standing in front of him was a tall, dark, hair covered figure, its hand on top of the playground equipment, staring back at him. It startled the man and he retreated back to the patrol vehicle and back to the guard shack where he described the encounter to my uncle, whom told the story to me. I’ve been to that park many times in my life and can recall exactly the area that my uncle said the man claimed seeing the creature. I no longer live in Kentucky but have no trouble believing that a Sasquatch could reside in that area.

Describe the creature with detail: Large, hairy, and timid. This is not my direct account so I cannot give descriptive details.

Additional Info: I’ve been to the park on the mill property several times as a child. The area the man saw the creature in his heavily wooded and the ground is lower than the surrounding area due to the creek that runs directly next to the playground. There are no residences within at least a 1 mile radius of that location.