KY Hardin May 10, 2013 #00002

Investigation Date: 12/10/13

Sighting Date: 5/10/13

Time of Incident: 9:00 am

City: Elizabethtown

Witness: Andrew (last name on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 2-3 minutes

How many witnesses: 1
Witness Description of Event: “I was in the woods behind my in-laws house mushroom hunting around 9:00 am on the morning of May 10th, 2013 when I heard a loud grunt. I looked up to see a black furry figure, moving away from me. I then heard another grunt along with tree limbs breaking as it kept moving away from me. I then tried to follow the creature but could not keep up with it the thick brush. I’ve been in the woods my whole life and never heard a grunt like that. Although I didn’t get but a brief look it, it was too big to be any of the native creatures usually found in our area”

Any Other Incidents at This Location?
“I also had another encounter just a few months later at this same location. It was late at night and in my In-laws backyard the dogs were really barking and acting up at something. It was around midnight. I went outside to check on them and something left the fence line and went crashing through the thick brush. I didn’t see the creature that time but it was big enough to break several limbs at 5 feet off the ground.
Follow Up: 12-10-13

I spoke with the witness Andrew on 12/10/13 and he was very excited to share his encounter with someone who would not think he was crazy. He was NOT a believer in Bigfoot before this incident. He was mushroom hunting and was not thinking of anything Bigfoot related. He heard a loud and unusual grunt coming from the deeper woods. Although the area the grunt came from was very thick with briars, thickets, and underbrush, he could spot a huge, hair covered body moving along the open spots in the brush. The witness did not detect ant smell associated with the creature. He described the hair of the creature as black or a very dark brown. The witness said that he did not think about being afraid, but was overwhelmed by curiosity to pursue this “thing” and figure out what it was. He could not keep up with the creature because it moved so quickly, even though it was moving through thick, thorny brush. The witness is an avid woodsman/outdoorsman and said he had never heard or seen anything like this creature. He was certain that it was moving on two legs.

Investigator Notes: This sighting location was in a wooded area located right beside I-65. There are several small streams and creeks running through the wooded area that is located behind this witness’s in-laws property. This wooded area also holds lots of small game and wildlife, along with a couple of lakes nearby. The woods are connected to other wood lines that run for a few miles in an Easterly direction away from I-65.
– Don Neal, Lead Investigator