KY Hardin November 2011 #00003

Website submission 4-15-12
Your first name: Larry

Which county? Hardin

Estimated date? November

Estimated time? 11:30 am

Nearest city? Big springs

Nearest Road(s): hwy 333

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

How many witnesses? One

Please describe your encounter:

after hearing what I thought was a deer walking behind me, and moving away,
I moved further down the ridge in the direction it walked and climbed a maple
tree. while watching five deer move into a clearing, I was amazed at the way
they were acting, wanting to bolt and would stop, they acted scared, tails up,
ears laid back and did not know which way to run. After watching them for five
minutes, what I thought was a buck walking toward me through a cedar thicket
was a big foot, it was about six foot tall and 200 lbs.
the creature was reddish black and looked oily.
Dummy me I didn’t put all the signs together until that day. The foot prints
out in the corn field, my hunting partner see a guy dressed in black out in
the woods, the dead deer carcass lying in the woods. the first time I heard
the yell and scream at 5 am, I was having second thoughts about going in to
the woods before daylight, after the second scream it seemed to be moving
away. The dead deer were bucks; they will kill every buck in the woods. I have
a lot more info

Describe the creature with detail:

the creature was about six foot tall and about 200 lbs. I only saw the left side
from its elbow to the top of its head. Did not see its face. I was 12 to 15 feet up in
a tree, the creature passed within 10 to 15 feet of the tree I was in.
Follow Up: 4-15-12
I spoke to the witness at great length over the phone. He is a 61 year old business owner who has hunted Kentucky his entire life. Over the years many odd occurrences took place prior to his sighting. His (late) brother-in-law mentioned seeing, what he thought was a person in black camo running through the woods on many occasions in this very area. He said the person was extremely fast and said that’s really odd to see a person in black camo running around in the woods. The witness would often hear strange vocalizations, yells which would change pitch to a scream, lasting 5-8 seconds at a time. Barefoot footprints about 12 inches in length were spotted in a corn field. Rocks would sometimes fall from sky near his location. The witness also found it odd to never see a buck. He stated all this evidence now adds up!

On the morning on the encounter, the witness was standing /sitting in a cotton wood tree with his butt on a large branch, feet on a lower branch, and his shoulder leaning against the trunk on the tree. He was about 15’ up this tree in full camo watching 5 deer in a clearing about 80 yards away. “The deer acted really funny, running then stopping, running then stopping, all the while watching the tree line,” stated the witness. “It was as if they didn’t know what to do.” At this point the witness said he noticed footfalls heading his way from that direction along a ridge. He watched intently, hoping it was a big buck heading towards him. About 20’ from his location, he notices a reddish-black Bigfoot walking through a thick canopy of green 8-10’ cedar trees. He could only see it from the elbow up. It had “oily hair” and looked the shape of a thick, 6’ tall man. It never looked up at him, crossing within 8’ of his location. It walked slowly, like it had a purpose, never turning its head or breaking its stride. It had a rounded, average-sized head, normal shoulder width, no neck, and 2” hair covering its entire body. It appeared to be a young one, maybe weighing 200 lbs. The face or other details were not noticed as it made its way through the thick cedar trees. No sounds or smell were noticed. After 30 minutes the witness left the location and never told a soul about his experience.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator