KY Harrison Fall 1991 #00002

Website Submission on 7/30/06
Your first name: Chris

Which county? Harrison

Estimated date? Fall of 1991

Estimated time? 9:00 P.M.

What city, or nearest city? Cynthiana

Length of time the encounter lasted: less than 20 seconds

How many witnesses? 2 including myself

Please describe your encounter:
I was driving on a gravel road with one of my friends in an area of the county that is somewhat quiet and off the beaten path. The area is forested with mixed pasture. Anyway, we were only driving about 15 miles an hour when a creature about three feet tall ran in front of the car from left to right and jumped down into the brush adjacent to a wood lot. The thing that got me about this thing was that it was on two feet, but the legs looked to be lupine. It, however, was not a dog. My friend looked at me and asked if I saw that. We had both seen something that scared us enough to get out of the area.’

Describe the creature with detail:
The creature was about three feet tall and walked on two legs. The best description that I can give is to imagine a slightly shaggy monkey with lupine legs. This thing was very fast.

Additional Info:
I used to be a Forester and I’m used to seeing Deer, Turkey, Barking squirrels, and all the other critters out there. This was something different.

FOLLOW-UP: 8/1/06

upon further contact, witness stated that it had grey, shaggy hair approximately 2 inches in length which completely covered its body from what he could notice. It had large eyes (nocturnal) and a small cat-like/monkey face. No conical shaped head was noted. It was very thin and muscular. It ran with its arms at chest level. It more or less was bounding across the road. They did not hear or smell anything.

–C.Raymond, Lead Investigator