KY Hart 2001 #00001

Bigfoot Hit By Car – Government Cover Up?
Horse Cave, 2001

Hwy 218 AKA “Bigfoot Hill.” Across the road from the then “town mayor/undertaker.”

In 2001 a motorist supposedly hits and kills a Sasquatch on Hwy 218 late one evening. Many witnesses gathered around and had to be ushered off. A few witnesses snuck into the woods and watched EMT workers bury the body next to the road and scrubbed the pavement to remove an abundant amount of blood. The body mysteriously vanished the following morning. Thom Powell asked the witness to go back but the body had been dug up and the area heavily disturbed. The area has had numerous sightings over the years thus earning the nickname “Bigfoot Hill.”

Source: The Locals by Thom Powell (p 232)