KY Henderson 1968-1971 #00001

Reed, KY 1968-1971

Very active area with witness reports dating back to the 1960’s and continuing to present. BF seen on Collins Rd in 1968 and again at same location in 1971. Less than 3 miles away on Carlinsburg Road several witnesses see large, dark colored BF with ‘glowing green eyes’ as it approached yard from tree lined field across road. Same family awakened around midnight by loud crashing sound. They were afraid to go outside but the following morning they awake to find that their garage door had been ripped from the metal track and thrown into garage. On another occasion the matriarch of the family, while out in barn checking on dogs, became frightened when dogs began howling in misery. At the same time something ‘growling and making the weirdest noises’ walked into bottom level of barn. The sound made the hair on her neck stand up and frightened her so badly she locked herself up in the pens until the sounds eventually wandered away. Family claimed their house was haunted on the inside as well. Area has history of UFO sightings, water monster sightings and Black Panther (melanistic Puma) sightings.

– Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator