KY Henderson 1975-1976 #00009

Henderson County, 1975-76
From witness interview on 1997:
1. Subject of sighting: Possible Bigfoot
2. Date, time and location of sighting: Summer of 1975-76. Afternoon. Pritchett Farm just off Old Henderson Rd. Henderson County.
3. Approx. distance between witness and subject: 100-150 yards
4. Describe in detail animal witnessed: Light brown, hairy being. Large body and shoulders. Thick neck and big head.
5. Did the animal walk or run on 2 legs, 4, or both? Stood on 2 legs. Seemed to ‘wobble’ as it stood.
6. Approx. height of animal: 7-8 ft. tall
7. Approx.weight of animal: 350 lbs or more
8. Did you notice any strange smells during the sighting? If yes describe: No. Not at this sighting
9. Did the animal seem threatening at any time? No
10. Were you frightened by the encounter? Yes. Very.
11. Did you try to communicate with the animal? No
12. Did the animal try to communicate with you in any way? Yes
13. Describe the animal’s skin, or hair, color and texture: Light tan hair. Thinner hair on face.
14. Did the animal act aggressively at any time? No
15. Was the animal frightened of you? No
16. Did the animal leave any physical evidence at the scene such as footprints, hair, etc.? No
17. Do you, or anyone you know, possess any evidence, photographic or otherwise, to support your sighting? No
18. Describe in detail what happened during the sighting and how it ended: A friend and I were riding my motorcycle. We stopped under a tree and my friend started going crazy telling me to ‘look’. I didn’t see anything so I told him to point. I looked where he was pointing and there it stood looking right at us. It made some movement like wobbling. We were both scared so we got back on the bike and left as fast as possible.
19. Has this animal, or others like it, been seen in the area before or since? Yes
20. Do you feel that the animal could be encountered again in the area? Yes
21. Describe, as best you can, the animals head and face: Seemed to have human type face. Large head.
22. Describe the animal’s limbs, hands and feet: Did not see. Only saw from chest up.
23. Did the sighting take place during the day or night? Day
24. Describe the weather and/or visibility conditions at time of sighting: Excellent
25. Do you feel that the animal you saw was a natural, though unknown, animal or a supernatural entity? Explain reasons for this belief: Supernatural powers. I had a feeling that it was trying to communicate telepathically at that time. A very bad feeling. Very frightening.
Full name of witness: John C. D**** (full name on file)
Age: 37
Birth date: 12-23-61
Sex: M
Occupation: Construction
1. Were you suffering from any form of mental illness at time of sighting? No
2. Were you under the influence of any hallucinatory drugs or alcohol at time of sighting? No
3. Have you ever witnessed any unusual animal sightings before or since? If yes explain: Yes. I think I saw this thing in and around my house. I have witnessed a black panther, or very large cat, in area. Also, Just before the sighting, me and my entire family saw a large, flying orange ball of light in the sky.
4. Have you or any member of your family experienced any type of unexplained phenomena in the past? If yes explain: Yes. My whole family has experiences thought to be caused by this creature such as being watched and some of them think that it doesn’t have to be in a visible form to be there.
5. Does the area in which the incident took place, to your knowledge; have a history of unexplained phenomena? Yes
6. What is your religious preference? (optional) Raised Christian
7. Do you have any personal theories about a possible explanation for the phenomena that you observed? If yes explain: No
I, John C.D****, do hereby attest soberly and sincerely that the above
document is an honest and truthful account of a strange event to which I
have been a witness. All of the descriptions contained therein are accurate
and without deception of any type, accidental or deliberate. I give this
information freely and without clause, waiving all rights and without regard
concerning monetary gains or any other benefits, for the sole reason of
sharing this truthful event with others. The aforementioned event did, in
actuality, take place and was not the result of any psychopathological
delusion or hallucination of any order. I stand by and bear witness to the
integrity of the report and the descriptions I have set down in writing
therein. I release this information to the author/investigator to use in any
way he deems worthy, and to the public in hopes that it will contribute to a
greater understanding concerning phenomena of this nature.
Signed: John C. D****
Date: 6-10-97