KY Henderson April 20, 2017 #00019

Curdsville Critter
Witness: Zack (last name on file)

Date: 4-20-2017

Time: 2:30am

County: Henderson

City: Curdsville, KY

Location: Audubon Parkway
Please describe your encounter:

“I am a tow truck driver with lots of experience. I am used to driving long distance, mostly at night. I am able to stay alert and clear headed on these night runs. I was on the Audubon Parkway coming from Henderson and headed towards Owensboro. As I neared the bridge that crosses the Green River I saw something big leaning over the guardrail.
This NOT an actual photo of the creature.

It was leaning from the outside the guardrail on the grass side towards the inside of the guardrail towards the highway. As my bright lights hit the figure it immediately went from a bent over position to a full upright position and it was big. I estimate it at 8 feet tall, at least. It had the shape of a human, but unbelievably big.

It only took me a few seconds to pass on by it, but it was no animal I have ever seen. It was not a bear (which we have very few sightings of in this area). I feel like it was leaning over the guardrail to get something or pick up something, possibly road kill?”

Describe the creature with detail:
“The creature was at least 8 foot tall. It had dark brownish hair with a red tint. Now this may sound funny, but even though it had hair all over its body, it was not thick hair. Not like I would have envisioned how hairy a bigfoot might be, or like some pictures I have seen of supposed bigfoot. Its hair looked sparse in areas, almost like a “mangy” look, like some animals with mange sometimes appear.”

Additional Info: “I cannot say I saw eye-shine even though my bright lights hit the creature for a few seconds. I did not see it turn or walk away. I did not turn around and go back as I was towing another vehicle at the time.”
Follow-Up: 5-8-2017
On 5-8-2017, Don Neal received a call from a fellow researcher (David Wolfe) who had heard about the sighting. David took this initial report as a favor to the KBRO. As this witness said to David, he was almost certain that what he saw was not a human being. It was way too big, tall and broad to be a man.
On 5-9-2017 Don Neal spoke to the witness directly.

On Thursday morning 4/20/17 around 2:30am the witness was traveling East on the Audubon Parkway from Henderson, KY towards Owensboro, KY. The witness operates a tow truck and was at the time of the sighting hauling a vehicle behind him. As he neared the bridge which crosses the Green River he noticed a huge dark figure on the right hand side of the road (South) leaning over the guardrail. Its body was on the South side of the guardrail and it was leaning over the railing towards the highway side. The witness was driving approximately 65 MPH and he immediately hit the “off’ button on his cruise control and watched the huge figure as it was lit up by his specially equipped bright head lights which assist him in his towing business. Although he did not stop his vehicle, it had started slowing down as he passed this creature and at his closest, it was within 20 feet of his passenger side window.

In this section of the Parkway there are no parkway lights or street lights, it is a fairly dark section of the parkway. The witness states that as soon as his bright lights hit the creature it went from leaning over the guardrail to a straight upright position which he estimates at some 8 foot tall. The creature turned towards the oncoming driver yet the witness said he saw no eye-shine or eye-glow.

His recollection of what he saw in that 3 to 4 seconds span as he was passing the creature. It was no shorter than 8 feet tall. It was not really muscular, or even as large as one might think for its height. Although the witness knows it was fully covered in dark brown colored hair, he stated, “It was a fine hair, not thick like beard hair.” Although the witness states that he did not get a clear and plain view of the facial area, he remembers that it appeared more human than animal.

The witness states that the creature never moved to walk or run away, but simply watched him and his vehicle pass by. The witness also states that he immediately got the impression (feeling) that the creature was startled or surprised that he had came upon the creature so suddenly and caught it in the open.
Researcher’s Note: At the location of this sighting, the driver was coming around a curve in the road and his lights hit the creature as he hit the straightaway. This often explains a Bigfoot being caught suddenly in vehicle lights according to many other previous reports.

Finally the witness stated to this researcher that he does not know for sure why he got this feeling, but he “felt” that this creature was an older or aged individual. Although there is no proof to verify that statement, I found it interesting to repeat what the witness said.

– Don “Biggyfoot” Neal, Lead Investigator