KY Henderson April 2009 #00014

Website submission 1-21-11
Your first name: Amy Long

Which county? Henderson

Estimated date? April 2009

Estimated time? 8:30 p.m

Nearest city? Henderson

Nearest Road(s): 136 West

Length of time the encounter lasted: 1 hour

How many witnesses? 2

Please describe your encounter:
‘I was sitting home alone when my mother in law Delores Long called me to tell me our friend was back and I asked her what she meant she said go on your back porch and listen. I stepped outside and off in the distance I could hear this growling howl. It didn’t just do it one time and stop it was repeated howls, I screamed as loud as I could oh SHUT UP!!! the howling stopped only for about a minute to a minute and a half the next time it howled it was in the woods behind my house, I could see the outline of a figure in the pasture next door and it was huge, My pit-bull dog BB was on the porch with me and when this thing howled she whimpered got down on her belly and crawled back into the house and urinated all the way into the house and she refused to go back outside for over an hour. I called my Nephew Michael and told him what was going on and he came down to the house and then my nephew Josh Long showed up they searched the woods, while they were searching the woods this creature howled again and it sounded like it was off behind Josh’s dads house which is only about 2 1/2 acres behind us. they went back there to look and could see nothing but as they were driving back up the driveway this creature howled out again and it sounded like it was right at the end of Josh’s dad’s house. And coming back our way josh and Michael took off thru the woods to try to get a look at what was coming back this way but it hit the creek and disappeared. This is not the only encounter we have had with this creature back in 1990 me and my fiancé John who is now my husband were parking on Trigg turner road in Geneva back by some oil tanks and as we were getting ready to leave the spot we had been parking we heard something approaching the truck, it was like very heavy breathing, we started the truck and took off. as we rounded the curve coming back to my mom’s house on the end of Trigg turner road we saw a herd of deer on the left side of the road and you could tell they were on high alert so I hooked up the spot light in the truck and begin to shine it on the deer and as I shined the light across to the right side of the road there was something standing in the middle of the field it was about 7 1/2 feet tall to 8 feet tall reddish brown hair all over it body and the hair hung from its arms and it walked upright, and it had the most eerie eyes they glowed an red orange color. When the deer spotted it they took off across the road towards the wooded creek and this creature took off after them John gunned the truck and I kept the spot light on it and we were running about 30 to 35 mph and was just keeping up with it, so after spotlighting this thing, it didn’t retreat, rather it keep pursuing the deer and then they chased it in their truck??? when it hit the woods, we stopped the truck and listened and you could hear a deer making the blah blah sound like it had been caught, and I myself have had one other encounter with this creature during a camping trip to the Geneva bottoms, me and My ex husband David were camping and he was extremely on the tipsy side so we all decided to go to bed in the camper, I had my children on the top bunk and my ex and I on the bottom when all of a sudden something jerked on the camper door so hard I thought it was coming off the hinges, camper doors are flimsy and if she claims it moved the camper a foot, it would broke the cheap handle which most campers have I tried to wake up my ex husband but of course he was out. I could hear this creature walking all around the camper. I was so frightened that I crawled up on the top bunk to protect my children it had to get me first. So 3 of them in a top bunk? This went on for almost 2 hours and then it left. The next morning when I got up I opened up the camper door and there were large footprints outside the camper most of them were smeared or distorted but when this creature pulled on the camper it pulled it backwards about a foot and if the camper had not been chained to the tree it would have rolled straight into the Ohio river and we would have all drowned. Because it pulled it past the wheel chocks. I have never been so scared in all my life and I never went back to that spot to camp again.’

Describe the creature with detail:
7 1/2 feet to 8 feet tall reddish brown hair all over its body and the hair hung from its arms and legs and it walked upright, and it had the most eerie eyes they glowed a red orange color. And it stunk like a molded rug, had this real musty odor to it.
FOLLOW UP: 2-19-11

This report was actually verified a few years ago by my friend and former B.F.R.O. investigator, Tony Gerrard. However, I personally spoke to Amy a few days after she submitted her report to this website, and was able to meet both her and her son, Jason Skaggs, on the weekend of Feb. 19th, 2011. Amy, her husband, John, and her son all three appeared on an episode of the History Channel’s ‘Monster Quest’ early in 2010, the same episode in which I appeared and served as primary researcher on. Concerning her and her husband’s alleged encounters with Bigfoot; she struck me as being very sincere in her claims, with no motivation to lie about it to anyone. She repeated her encounter to me, adding little and taking nothing away from the initial reports. The two were making out at the end of an isolated country road that night when they began hearing grunting noises. Frightened, they began driving away from the area when the creature appeared as described, evidently stalking a small herd of deer. John trained his spotlight on the monster, which seemed unaffected by the light. It chased the deer into some nearby woods and they lost sight of it. Soon after came the bleating sounds of a deer in distress and they deduced that the thing had caught one of them. Amy also claimed other encounters with this creature, now commonly known as ‘The Geneva Giant’, going back at least 13 years previously. She also informed me that both John’s father and grandfather had more encounters of their own with this creature, or one like it, on Martin Road not far from their current property. Back in the 70’s the creature had appeared to the men just before dusk one evening and had jumped onto a horse-driven wagon they were in at the time. This took place on Martin Rd. at a place called ‘Bird Hill’.

Jason Skaggs, Amy’s son, incredibly, makes the third generation of Bigfoot witnesses in that family, and his testimony was the most compelling. He also appeared on ‘The Hillbilly Beast’ episode of ‘Monster Quest’ with his parents, but most of his testimony ended up on the cutting-room floor. He too had more than one run-in with the creature, he told me. The first was in 2004 or 2005 while bow-fishing with a friend around midnight one summer evening in a slough on Klondike road in nearby Smith Mills, KY. Klondike road, incidentally, has a long history of creature sightings – not just Bigfoot. A strange water monster was seen there, in the exact same spot, by two teens in the 1980’s, and I personally observed an extremely large, strange-looking, red-colored bird there back in 1998. On this particular occasion the water wasn’t too deep and the cattails weren’t very tall, so the two put on hip-waders and entered the water with their bows and hat-mounted wheat lights. They had only been there a short while when they kept hearing something splashing in the water beyond the line of cattails. Jason shined his light in that direction and both of them saw a pair of large eyes that glowed yellow and orange in the light. The eyes belonged to some type of large, dark-colored, hairy monster that was standing in the water only a few yards away. Then it began to approach the two frightened fishermen, parting the cattails with its hands as it walked on two legs in their direction. The two wasted no time in exiting the water and making it back to the truck. Jason shined his light back and saw the creature walking through the knee-deep water. He described the thing as seven feet-tall and covered in long, straggly, dark-colored hair – not black, but reddish-brown. Jason had a .12 gauge shotgun in the truck, and he grabbed it from behind the seat as the thing stepped up onto the road. There were three shells in the gun, he said. He unloaded all three into the creature from only a short distance away. The thing let out a high-pitched screaming roar but, other than this, seemed completely unaffected by the double-ought buckshot. As the two sped away in the truck, Jason looked back and saw the thing step up onto the road. It “hunkered over,” Skaggs claimed, then sat down in the road for a second or two before getting up and walking to the other side and disappearing into the water on the opposite side of the road. The encounter shook the two, but didn’t stop Jason’s Bow fishing activities.

He saw the thing again while bow fishing, this time at a place known as ‘The Jenny Hole’, in 2008. They were fishing in a boat this time, and had been bothered by the sounds of snapping limbs for several hours. It was around 3 or 4 a.m. when they finally spotted the same type of creature standing in the trees about 15 feet from their boat. It shadowed the boat for a good distance, keeping pace with it through the woods, before they lost sight of it. Multiple witnesses were involved.

Jason’s last sighting came in 2009 when both he and his girlfriend saw the creature standing at the edge of the woods in a field close to the same area of the previous sighting. It was broad daylight. As they drove by they noticed that it was walking out further into the field, so they turned around for a better look. They could see that it was now hunkered down in the field, yet easily discernible. They were only able to get a little closer before the creature stood up and walked briskly back into the trees on two legs, where it stood and watched them for over 20 minutes before it eased away and disappeared into the trees.

Both Amy and Jason seemed to be extremely credible witnesses. Amy claimed that the creature returned to the creek near their property every spring and fall and invited us to put out our trail-cams in the area to prove it. Jason seemed eager to take investigators from this website with him on his next bow hunting expedition, and is sure that the creature can still be encountered in the same area. His description of the creature, especially the color of the eye-shine/glow, is consistent with other reports that I have gathered from the same area. Even the locations jibe with other locations, such as Klondike Rd. and the Jenny Hole, which are known to be extremely active regarding the appearance of unknown hominoids. In-depth investigations are being planned for the locations mentioned in the spring of 2011. More updates will be posted for our readers as they become available.

– Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator