KY Henderson December 23, 2012 #00017

The Spottsville Monster Seen Again?
Witnesses: Chris and Tyler (last names on file)

City: Spottsville, KY

Road: Chaney Road (exact location on file)

Date: 12-23-12

Time: 10:38pm
Encounter: As the vehicle topped a small hill just before a bridge crossing, the 2 young men in the front seat saw bright yellow eye shine directly ahead in the road. Two things immediately caught their attention, one was the huge size of the eyes, second was the height of the eyes. Both individuals were temporarily stunned as to what they were seeing. They began to slow down and try to see what this was ahead in the road. It was extremely dark and all they could see was the distinct eye shine and that this tall shadowy outline of a figure was at least 7 to 8 feet tall and covered in what appeared to be either jet black hair or fur. All of these following events mentioned are happening in mere seconds according to the witnesses. Quickly the eye-shine seemed to suggest that the creature looked at the vehicle, and looked away, twice, as if it was confused momentarily as to what to do as the vehicle was getting closer to it. Then the figure seemed to take only 2 steps (from the Left to the Right, or East to West) and was instantly out of the road and gone from sight. The driver was so shocked that he sped away from the location. After about an hour passed and they tried to understand what they had just seen, they built up enough courage to go back to the same spot. They discovered that the creature was most likely almost on the bridge itself when they first saw its eye shine, then they noticed that the direction the creature had exited was at the foot of a steep embankment almost 6 feet high. This means that in 2 steps the creature had seemed to walk up the steep incline and disappear from their sight. Both witnesses were extremely amazed at this possible feat and related that to me several times. Neither witness were believers in Bigfoot before this event, but both stated that as soon as they saw this shadowy figure, that was the first thing that entered their minds as it appeared to be exactly like pictures and drawings of Bigfoot they had seen in the past.
Personal Notes: I spoke by speaker phone to both of these witnesses Chris and Tyler at the same time. They were constant in their answers to my questions and never varied in their stories. They both were adamant that neither believed in Bigfoot before this sighting and were never expected to see anything like this. The young lady was in the back seat and never saw what happened, they both said they believe that was because it was dark, and happened so fast that she didn’t get to see what they saw, but she knew they were really afraid of something all of a sudden. Chris lives in this area and travels these roads constantly, and had never seen anything like this before.
This portion of Henderson County is ripe with a history of Bigfoot stories and reports.
– Don Neal, Lead Investigator