KY Henderson February 4, 2010 #00012

Website Submission 2-9-10

Your first name: Samuel

Estimated date? 2/4/10

Estimated time? 9:00 a.m.

What city? Henderson

Length of time the encounter lasted: 20 min

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

” I was walking in our 14 acre woods wanting to see the creature again and did not…..while I was walking out, I heard a low grunt and as I turned, something big ( estimated 7 or 8 feet tall ) and brown ran away and down in the woods. I RAN OUT OF COURSE. I couldn’t make out any details but it was hairy.”

Describe the creature with detail: Big Brown Tall Fast

Additional Info: It made a low grunt similar to a pig.
FOLLOW-UP: 4-12-10

On January 4th, 2010, 12 year-old Samuel P. (full name on file) was walking in his family’s 14 acre woodlot near Corydon, Ky. when he heard a series of low, pig-like grunts. As he turned he saw something big and brown run away on four legs and disappear into the woods. He could not see much detail, only the legs, which he described as hair-covered and thin, as the creature fled. He ran home and excitedly told his grandmother, Dora (not her real name) what had happened. Whether she believed him or not is hard to say, but only a couple of days later he once again ran into the house and told her he’d found a strange footprint in the woods. Dora accompanied Samuel to the place and saw the print for herself. It was strange-looking enough that she went and got plaster of Paris and made a mold of the impression.

I paid a visit to the family on April 11th, 2010 and met both Samuel and Dora. I found them to be very sincere about the whole affair and, while talking to Samuel, discovered that, only a few days after he’d found the track, he had seen the creature again. This time it was sitting a good distance away with its back turned to him. It was apparently eating something, as every few seconds it was bringing its left hand, which was human-like, up to its mouth. According to the witness this one was dark-colored, or black, and bigger than a man. Samuel watched the thing for about five minutes, he told me. Once, it acted like it had heard something, cocking its head up and looking around for a few seconds. Having seen enough, Samuel felt it was time to leave. He started backing away, he said, but slipped and made a noise. When he looked back at the creature it had apparently heard because it was staring right at him. It had a black face, he stated (whether this was due to skin color or the entire face being covered with hair it was too far away to tell), with a heavy brow ridge and “shiny” eyes. Sam played it cool, walking calmly away as if he hadn’t seen the thing. Once out of visual range of the creature, however, he ran as fast as he could back home.

Dora showed the plaster cast of the track to a local DNR official who, she said, had no idea what could have made it. I could offer her little more. She felt that it might be a cat print, as the eastern cougar has been steadily making its way back into these parts for the last 40 years, but on first glance I told her that it was far too big to be a cat print of any kind. I brought along the only known photograph of a Spottsville Monster cast, taken back in 1975, for comparison and the two, save for size, were hardly comparable. I photographed the cast and left my personal phone number with Dora, who promised to call should the creature turn up on their property again.

– Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator

(see pictures of casts below)