KY Henderson June 18, 2011 #00016

Investigation 6-29-11

Jason Skaggs, 26, claims that he has seen the ‘Geneva Giant’ again, the latest in a string of Bigfoot sightings that he’s had in the last few years. Just before 11 pm. on Saturday, June 18th, 2011, Skaggs was travelling north on his motorcycle down Trigg Turner Rd. in Geneva, KY. when the beast appeared again. A couple of days later I interviewed him at both his parent’s house on Hwy. 136 and the site of the alleged appearance of the giant, where it had apparently crossed the road less than a hundred yards in front of him. “I just had switched on my bright lights when I saw it,” Skaggs told me. “It crossed the road, from right to left, in 2 or 3 steps. It was dark, but I could see that it was really big, covered in dark hair, and walked on two legs… I knew immediately what it was.” He also stated that when it got to the other side of the road and the edge of the woods it “just stopped”, like it was waiting for him to go by. “I just gunned it,” he said, “and drove by as fast as I could on the other side of the road.” The encounter took place only a few yards from a culvert crossing a small creek on Trigg Turner, about ten feet from the end of the guardrail. I accompanied him to the site and had him show me exactly where the incident took place. The heavy underbrush rendered a search for possible footprints fruitless, but I did note an area of flattened grass where Skaggs said the thing had stood as he passed. The creek was swollen with muddy water from a recent thunderstorm, with more on the way. I photographed the scene and the witness and asked if he was sure of what he’d seen. He was. “I got pretty damned nervous when I saw it,” he said, “being on a motorcycle. I thought that thing could just reach out and grab me if it wanted to. It’s a whole different thing to see it from a truck or something. This was scary. I called mom as soon as I got home,” he said. His parents’ home is only about a mile down the creek and “It was heading in that direction.” His parents called me the next day and allowed me to set up a couple of trail cams in the woods on their property in hopes of getting the first ever picture of the “Geneva Giant’. If that happens readers of this website will be the first to see them.

Eyewitness, Jason Skaggs, at scene of the encounter.

Spot where creature stopped at edge of woods.

Creek in sighting area.

– B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator