KY Henderson March 12, 2011 #00015

Website submission on 3-12-11

Your first name: Kaleb

Which county? Henderson

Estimated date? March 12

Estimated time? 9:00

Nearest city? Henderson

Nearest Road(s): no roads we are at a golf course

Length of time the encounter lasted: 5 minutes

How many witnesses? 3

Please describe your encounter:
We were fishing and my friend heard a noise. He went to go look, heard it again and looked up and it was standing on the far side of the pond. We got our stuff and walked quickly to our house before we approached the fence I (Kaleb) turned around and it was standing on the golf course hill looking at me with bright green eyes. It was around 7 to 8 and a half feet tall with long black fur.

FOLLOW UP: 3-13-11

I spoke to Kaleb, 12, on March 13th and he was still shaken from the encounter he and his two friends had on ‘The Hills’ golf course just off Hwy 60 in Henderson. The course contains several lakes of varying sizes and they had decided to go fishing in one of them around 9:00 p.m. on the evening of March 12th when the experience allegedly took place. They hadn’t been there long when they began hearing sounds coming from the darkness across the pond. Both the other boys, Chase D., 12, and Noah C., also 12 (full names on file), heard the noises and one of them started off to check them out. He didn’t get far when a huge creature stood up from a small washout at the edge of the course. Kaleb described the creature to me the next day as huge, “much thicker than a man, especially at the shoulders.” It was 7 to 8 ft. tall and covered in long, dark hair”. Most alarmingly, its eyes were glowing a bright, fluorescent green. “Lots of animals have eye shine,” I told him, “Are you sure it’s eyes weren’t reflecting the light from your flashlights?” “None of us had flashlights,” he said. “We only had one small lantern sitting down beside us. It was really weak and that lake was huge. This thing’s eyes were a bright fluorescent green.” The creature vocalized again, which sounded like a cross between a “…hard, blowing sound and a howl”, and then began to walk quickly in the boys’ direction. Of course they wasted no time in evacuating the area. As they were running in the direction of his house, Kaleb looked back and saw the thing standing on the green beside the lake, eyes still glowing. Kaleb claimed that they all got a good look at the creature even though the closest the thing ever came to the boys was estimated at 20 yards, or 60 ft. of distance, at night. “We must’ve walked right by it,” he told me. “We walked right by that washout on our way to our spot. We sure didn’t see it then.” The Hills, a somewhat exclusive subdivision and golf course, is situated on higher ground near the Ohio river, which was in flood stage when the incident took place. This was not the first time Kaleb had seen something like this, I was surprised to learn. Back in 2002, when he was only 4 years old, his dad had just gotten a new four-wheeler and they were giving it a run on Newburgh Beach in Reed, Ky. when they saw something on the trail ahead that looked like “a giant monkey standing on its hind legs.” This one, as he recalled, was bit smaller. He estimated its weight to be around 200 to 300 lbs. The thing at the lake, on the other hand, weighed at least 500 lbs. The creature was also being blamed by one of his friends at school for a string of livestock disappearances from his family’s property in Baskett. As recent as March 19th a full grown cow was “dragged off into the woods” from this farm, which is situated just a few dozen yards from Mound Ridge Rd. One leg was all that remained of the animal. At least one strange footprint has been found there, but not photographed. The family has had 2 trail cams out for a while now, Kaleb said, but had taken them down to check the pics when the cow disappeared. Kaleb also claimed that he’d seen another strange animal at around noon on December 30th, 2009 while deer hunting with another friend near some abandoned coal mines in Zion, Ky; a huge, dog-like creature which stood almost 5 ft. tall at the shoulders. “It was eating a dead deer,” Kaleb said. It had brownish-black fur and a huge, bushy tail. It also had a “real long snout with sharp teeth and a huge head, like an English bull-mastiff”. Unrecognized canids are not unheard of in western Kentucky, but the next feature Kaleb described was a first for me. “It had big ears,” he said “They were at least a foot long.” According to him the thing stood there on all fours eating, then looked up at the two and let out a long growl/howl that frightened them both (and his friend was 21 years old), then charged at them. His friend raised his gun and fired – and missed. Luckily the noise frightened the weird critter, as it then took a sharp right turn and disappeared into the woods. His friend refused to talk about it after that, Kaleb claimed. How is it that one young boy could be “lucky” enough to encounter these beasts on numerous occasions when thousands of researchers across the nation can’t seem to catch even a fleeting glimpse of a single cryptid? Is Kaleb telling the truth or simply making it all up? He certainly seems sincere to me and it’s not wise to discount all of the more outlandish claims, despite the ages of the witnesses. I’ve found that children are less apt to lie than adults, more often than not. Having said that, efforts to contact some of the other witnesses mentioned and collaborate the alleged events are ongoing and updates will be posted as they develop.

– B.M.Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator