KY Henderson September 28, 2010 #00013

Spottsville, KY 9-28-10

On the evening of Sept. 28th, 2010, less than two miles from Mound Ridge Road – site of the 1975 ‘Spottsville Monster’ scare – a lone motorist driving down Baskett Lane (1078-N) between Baskett and Spottsville, KY. Observed a large, dark figure standing upright next to some trees in a small thicket near Conley-Thomas Rd. It was just before dusk with good visibility and the figure was only about fifteen yards (45 ft.) away. “It was big,” the witness told me, “man-like and covered with dark-brown hair.” The witness, who wishes to remain anonymous, was travelling slowly due to the many curves on the small, country lane, and there was no other visible traffic either in front of or behind him, so he slowed the vehicle to a stop, then backed up to get a better look. It was still there, standing upright near the trees, when he arrived. According to him, when the creature saw him it squatted down. The two stared at each other for several seconds, he said, and then it stood back up into a somewhat stoop-shouldered posture and moved slowly away into the trees on two legs. He further described the creature he saw as between six and seven ft. tall, with a flat nose and lips that protruded out further than the brow line, like a short muzzle. He saw no ears. Furthermore, he claimed to know one of the long-time residents of Conley-Thomas Rd, and this person told him that his wife had seen a tall, hairy monster at the edge of their residence about four years previously. The sighting had, according to him, greatly upset his wife. An experienced hunter, the witness is absolutely certain the creature he saw was not a bear or any other animal with which he is familiar. After speaking to him I drove out to the location of the sighting on Oct. 9th. The ground was covered with brush and not conducive to footprints of any type and, although several well-used animal trails ran through the thicket, no other evidence such as possible structures, hair or scat was found. The witnessed promised to ask the woman if she would send in a report concerning her alleged encounter to this web site, and to call me personally should anything else happen.

Thicket near Conley-Thomas road where recent ‘Spottsville Monster’ sighting occurred.

– Bart Nunnelly, Bigfoot Investigator