KY Lawrence January 4, 2012 #00003

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Friday, January 6, 2012.
Suspicious figures seen at dawn west of Louisa
YEAR: 2012
SEASON: Winter
MONTH: January
DATE: 4th
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Lawrence County
LOCATION DETAILS: If you go west on Hwy. 32 from Louisa KY. You will go by the Yatesville Lake, cross the Adams Hill, and then drop down into Rich Creek. There is a church on the right. The sighting was on the left. You go on not even a mile is the Rich Creek boat ramp.
OBSERVED: On my way from Louisa to Blaine, just before the Rich Creek boat ramp. I looked to my left to look at some horses that stay on this hill and I noticed two pine trees that I never seen before (which I thought to be pine trees). I told the person with me that I’d never seen pine trees in that spot before; she stated she had not either. No horses were around. But the next day we came by this same spot….NO PINE TREES…Whatever they were, one was standing, one was down on its knees, backs toward us, next to a big tree, color was a dark color from dark brown to a lighter brown to tips of blonde. The one standing was very large, tall and thick head came to a point. No neck that I could see. The one kneeling or on its knees, was the same almost in color, same shape in head, but didn’t seem as wide at the shoulders.
ALSO NOTICED: Didn’t see the horses that morning, last few times going by since they have been out, other than that, nothing.
OTHER WITNESSES: yes, one sitting and talking
OTHER STORIES: I have filed a report with you before, Ginseng Hunters.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: around 7:45am
ENVIRONMENT: A hill that is used for a pasture field for horses, trees and hills, and the lake.
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:
The witness was a bus driver, and as he drove into town he noticed two objects in a field that should not have been there. This was about 7:20 on a January morning. The sun was starting to come up and the field was sunlit. His wife was riding along as the bus monitor. Her attention was focused on the children so she did not see it nor did he remark to her.

On the way back from town, they passed the field around 7:50 am. The field was empty. He described seeing two animals. The one standing was estimated to be nine feet tall, while the one squatting came up halfway to the standing animal. Both of their backs were turned to the road, so he did not get a look at a face. Their hair was matted brown and gray and he described them as looking “nasty”. Their width was estimated at four feet. He noticed that he could distinguish back muscles and that they looked muscular when seen from the back.

The sighting he refers to while ginseng hunting is Report #11966.