KY Lawrence Summer 1995 #00008

Submitted to BFRO by witness Keith S. on Sunday, November 15, 1998.
High-pitched vocalizations heard.
YEAR: 1995
SEASON: Summer
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Lawrence County
OBSERVED: A few years ago my cousin and I were outside and heard very loud noises, I’ve hunted, camped, all my life. I have heard many animal calls, I’ve heard them all. These noises were very loud, and high-pitched. Until recently I’ve always wondered what these noises were. I was watching A&E In Search Of, Bigfoot; they were audio taping trails where Bigfoot was sighted. I was shocked when they played these tapes. They sounded exactly the same. An experience like this will really wake you up. This is no bull, people laugh; make jokes but it’s true.

We did not find anything; it was dark and hard to tell in what direction the noise was coming from. We Looked around the next day and didn’t find any sign on the ground or on the trees. It’s not a mystery to me anymore, I know the truth.
OTHER WITNESSES: Sitting outside talking.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: This happened in 1995 mid-summer about nine thirty pm.
ENVIRONMENT: This happened in a wooded cow pasture, it has a creek through it. The cow pasture has high banks.