KY Lewis 1970’s #00002

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Wednesday, April 23, 2003.
School bus drivers have two daylight sightings near Vanceburg.
YEAR: 197?
SEASON: Unknown
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Lewis County
LOCATION DETAILS: On Highway 59 at the top of Vanceburg Hill, turn left onto Rock Run Road and drive to top of hill. This was first sighting, then go over the hill and turn sharp curve at the end of the curve was the second sighting.
OBSERVED: I am sending you the information I have on two separate sightings that occurred in the same area but on different days by my grandfather and my father.

My grandpa drove a school bus and at about 5;30-6;00 one morning he said that what he thought was a big man with shaggy matted reddish brown hair came out of the woods and stepped up on the road in front of the bus and ran across the road. My grandpa said he thought it was a man until he seen how big it was then he thought it was an ape but it walked like a man only it was slouched over at the shoulders. Some of the old buildings around his house which was close to the sighting at the time had weird looking hair stuck to the screens where we thought dogs had been going in or something. We never seen anything but we always heard a really scary sound that was like an ape and a chimpanzee mixed with human and it would make a screaming howling noise up in the hollow behind their house. The men would all gather up to go out spotting to see if they could find out what it was but they never found anything.

When my father seen this creature he was also driving the school bus at about the same time as above he said that there was a path that joined on both sides of the road he said it was a deer run. When he came around the curve there was a big thing that looked like a man and ape with matted patchy red/brown hair like it had been burned or something running down the path so he hit the brakes and the thing ran across the road and down the other path. He watched it till it was gone and then when he got back he was telling my grandpa about it and that’s when my grandpa said he seen the same thing about half mile from where my dad seen it.

My family still lives in this area of KY but we haven’t heard or seen anything like this. The year would have been the late 70s for I was little then and I am not sure about the month but I might be able to find out. This took place on Rock Run Road in Vanceburg, Ky 41179. I would love to go looking for tracks and evidence but I am afraid of what I might find while I am by myself so as soon as I get enough family members willing to go tracking we are going to look and see if there is anything there. Well thanks for listening hope this helps you find the truth about Bigfoot.
ALSO NOTICED: Strange howling crying sounds in the hollow below this location.
ENVIRONMENT: The region is very hilly wood side dense and uninhibited by homes for many miles also there is a fire tower on the left side but it’s been abandoned for a long time, streams, etc.
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney:
I spoke with her father by phone.

He stated that the animal had walked across the road in front of him in full daylight. It was in his sight for about a full minute.

He described it as being about six and one-half feet tall, with long reddish brown color hair. The hair was described as being thin, dirty and mangy. He said that it was bow-legged and muscle bound, with long arms. It walked in a strange way not human-like at all.

He described the face as being like a “caveman”, more human than ape-like.