KY Logan October 1972 #00004

Submitted to BFRO by witness Philip Wilkins on Tuesday, October 13, 1998.
Bow hunter encounters large bipedal animal with a short neck and long arms
YEAR: 1972
MONTH: October
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Logan County
LOCATION DETAILS: Logan County, Kentucky. 6 miles west of Russellville. 1 mile north of Highway 178
NEAREST TOWN: Russellville
NEAREST ROAD: Highway 178
OBSERVED: I had just climbed down from my deer hunting stand and quietly walked to the edge of a large soybean field. The moon was full and I thought perhaps I would see deer running from the field. What I saw was still creates goose bumps on my arms. Standing 30 feet from me and approximately 20 feet from the woods was an extremely large creature. It was between 7 and 8 feet tall and could have weighed as much as 500 pounds. It had a very short neck and arms that reached nearly to the knees. It made no movement toward me. The face was not visible due to the time of day. I was loaded down with compound bow and portable deer stand. I cannot detail the fear I experienced getting back to my jeep. I didn’t shine the flashlight at it, as I was too frightened. The next day I went back armed with a 300 Weatherby to look for signs, but the ground was too hard to see tracks. There were no bushes in the field. There was no mistake in what I saw.
ALSO NOTICED: A red fox ran in front of my deer stand as I started to get down.
ENVIRONMENT: A long narrow soybean field approx. 50 acres. It was surrounded by woods on 3 sides, the back side by a large forest that went for several miles. The elevation at the sighting is approx. 550 Feet and a mile from any road. In a rural area.