KY Lyon 1981 #00003

Website Submission on 5-31-06
Your first name: Tracey

Which county? Lyon

Estimated date? Late 70’s – 81

Estimated time? Daylight

What city, or nearest city? Grand Rivers

Length of time the encounter lasted: 15 seconds

How many witnesses? 4 people

Please describe your encounter: Me, my cousin, and two girls were riding bikes on the Hillman ferry campground bike trails. We stopped at a rest site where there was a bench or two cut out in the woods beside the paved trail. Shortly afterwards there was a huge crashing sound on the ground about 15-20 feet away in the blinding thicket! Everyone jumped like the world was ending, got on our bikes and raced around the corner over the creek bridge stopped, they kept going. I turned around and slowly rode back over the bridge, around the corner, and sadly, I could not see anything. I will never forget the sound. May sound stupid, but to me it sounded like a car being dropped to the ground! Maybe they will see this and want to tell their side.

Describe the creature with detail: didn’t see it, sorry

Additional Info: Loudest sound out of thin air I’ve ever heard. Maybe the other three smelled something, I don’t recall. I could drive after 1981; therefore I didn’t take a bike camping anymore.
Follow Up Report: Witness states that the encounter was close to the campground, HILLMAN FERRY, which as a short distance after you cross the KY dam going East. Witness states the story by Miss Thompson prompted her to submit her encounter. She states that her grandparents took her and her cousin camping there 2-3 times a year. Witness states that if the drawings of the Beast of LBL are correctly depicted, that she is sure GLAD she didn’t see it, as she likes being able to sleep at night! She mentions that the woods there are terrifying at night, and that you could not stay in your skin if you turned the flashlight off on a trail. If the 3 other witnesses happen to read this, we encourage you to submit a report also, as it would help validate this encounter.