KY Madison September 22, 2014 #00001

Submitted to BFRO by witness on Saturday, November 15, 2014.
ATV riders near Berea have scary ride out of woods at night
YEAR: Sep 2014
MONTH: September
DATE: 22
STATE: Kentucky
COUNTY: Madison County
OBSERVED: This was around the end of September 2014, I recently made friends with the guy I purchased my four wheeler from. He called me to see if I would be interested in riding on his friend’s property on four wheelers, I told him yes and showed up.

We arrived at his friends farm with 3 four wheelers plus his friends quad which made 4 quads total, time was 21:00 eastern time. There were 5 of us that went riding 4 males one female which was my friend’s girlfriend.

After riding for an hour on this guys farm we went to this place they call *******, its south of Berea off of US25. It’s easily a few thousand acres of undeveloped land. We ride with no incident for an hour or so, around 2230 at night we decide to head back to the farm we left earlier in the night. As we were heading out we stopped so everyone could catch up because some had utility quads and some had racing quads, as we waited was when the first incident took place, as we sat we heard a branch snap like it was being deliberately snapped to let us know we were not alone, it was about 50 yards to our left in thick brush, we sat there quiet and just waited to see what would happen next, I have hunted deer before and it did not sound like large game traveling thru brush, it was a single snap, no brush or leaves moving like when a animal walks, also you heard no noise at all, dead silent, insects stopped making noises, you could hear a needle drop.

We decided at this point to move on; it was a strange incident but not alarming yet… We rode up the trail about a quarter mile to half mile and stopped at a clearing in the woods to just talk, we were all present, we spoke a bit about that branch and just other general things when out of nowhere a large, extremely large log was hurled from up the hill next to my friends four wheeler at the base of the hill, the log was a good sized log, I stood up and looked up the hill but as soon as I did this massive lime stone slab was hurled toward the same friends four wheeler and barely missed him, at this point you heard loud thumps and branches breaking like something was running down the hill with a lot of weight, at this point everyone started their four wheelers and we sped out of there. We haven’t gone back since. I am not a believer, I thought sightings were hoaxes before that night but now I can’t explain what that was and I’m not ruling out the possibility that it could have been Bigfoot.
ALSO NOTICED: Branch being broke.
OTHER WITNESSES: 4 other witnesses other than myself. We were all sitting on the four wheelers talking.
OTHER STORIES: The people I was with said they heard that this happens every single time you go back there, it always happens when you go to leave.
TIME AND CONDITIONS: Night time, no moon light, clear night around 2230 to 2300
ENVIRONMENT: Creek, thick forest with a large hill
Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Jack Smarr:
I spoke to the witness at length on the phone. The witness surmised that the initial tree limb snap was a warning, and that something wanted them to know that they were not alone. Upon questioning, the witness was insistent that it was not a wood knock as described in countless other stories. This was an actual huge tree limb snapping. After the snap, his party moved down the trail, where a log was hurled at them. He described the log that was thrown as being about 3 feet long and thick. It rolled once landing near his friend. The limestone was a slab approximately 3 feet long also. It barely missed his friend. The witness said that it would take 2 people to lift that rock and probably three to toss it. He added that the slab had “pretty good air” under it so he surmised it had been thrown far and high. The witness does not live in the area, but the people he rides with say that whenever they go riding at this location, something always happens. And it always happens as they are leaving.

Editor’s note: Something very similar happened on BFRO West Virginia Expedition, October 2006