KY Marion May 9, 2014 #00002

Website submission 5-10-14

Your first name: Barbara (last name on file)
Estimated date? May 9
Estimated time? 9pm
Nearest city? Lebanon
Nearest Road(s): Hwy 208
Length of time the encounter lasted: a few seconds
How many witnesses? Myself, my husband
Please describe your encounter:
“’Tonight there was a horrible wreck on highway 68. A tragic one, a young woman died. The investigation of this wreck took several hours. This resulted in the traffic being routed thru back roads. I was driving my minivan and my husband was driving his 18 wheeler behind me. He leaves his trailer in Lebanon, he hauls steel. He drives the tractor trailer home. The accident blocked the way he needs to bring the big truck home. A friend met us at the 5star BP gas station, to lead us thru the back roads. We have only lived here two years and I wasn’t sure if my husband could go that way, there is a “cattle bridge” and I was unsure if he could cross it. Our friend was driving a large, white Chevy pickup truck. It is a 4×4 and huge. He pulls his camper with it (not tonight though). I was behind him, my husband following me. We were going very slowly. It had just gotten dark, about 9pmish. Hwy 208 is narrow but fairly straight. We came to a slight curve and our friend was about 3 to 3 1/2 car lengths ahead of me, my husband was about the same behind me, if not more. My speed was between 25 at the most 30mph. I was paying attention because I was scanning the road for tree limbs or anything that might hit my husband’s truck and there were many trees on the right side of the road. I did not see it enter the road; the left side of the road was completely dark. I didn’t see the creature until its black shape blotted out the huge tail gate of our friends tailgate. I still couldn’t tell what was moving across the road. I already had my foot on the break because of the curve. It crossed, in two strides, from the point I saw it, and was gone behind the tree. It raised an arm to pull or touch the tree and that’s when I realized what it was or could be because the hair down its side, under its arm, was lighter in color. Its arm was long and the light patch was the length of its arm. It was at least, a head taller than the pickup truck. I was on the phone with my girlfriend. We were going to leave the big truck at her house but my husband didn’t want to take up her whole driveway. She said to take a picture but I was on the phone, driving alone, strange road at night with frogs committing suicide in droves. Strangeness, the frogs and rabbits were running like crazy. I almost thought I hit a rabbit right before this occurred, so I was watching for something to dash across the road. When we got home, I debated telling my husband. He is not an alien, ghost or Bigfoot believer. A down to earth, no nonsense man. I told him and before I could finish, he said, he saw it also. This astounded me more than seeing Bigfoot, ha ha. I said what? What did you see? He said he saw “something” go across the road in front of me because it blotted out the back of the white truck bed and he wondered what the hell that was. I asked him if he saw how tall it was and he said yes. And rolled over and went to sleep. No nonsense, like I said.”
Describe the creature with detail:
“Large creature, over 7 to 8 feet tall, easily. Very dark with the odd exception of its side. It raised its arm to catch hold of a tree and the “fur” or hair was very light in comparison to the rest of it. Very long arms, very long legs. It was thinner than I would have thought, although I was viewing it from its side. Very fast. So fast, it was unnatural.”
Any additional Info?
“I thought about it dashing like it did. I believe all the traffic may have upset it. All traffic was being diverted and every one going home and coming back to town, were scrambling for a way. Also, the frogs were really active and the rabbits. A lot of farms are getting ready to plow and have been spraying the fields, so wild life has been upset and moving. I looked on Google maps and go on street view and if you go on highway 208 about 1928, I believe this might be where we were. I will drive it, in daylight and in the dark again. In fact, I will drive that way on my way home from work tomorrow night, after 10pm. The trees were so unique; I believe I can find the spot. Lots of woods and it’s also in a direct line of Fagan Lake, our area’s water source. It is from underground springs and there are no motorboats allowed on Fagan. Sportsman Lake is smaller and allows boats, is also near. Perfect wildlife area.”
Follow-Up: 5-10-14
Dana and I met both witnesses at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Lebanon at 11:00am. We then followed the witnesses in our vehicle to the exact location on Hwy 208, across from mile marker 9. After a brief search, Barbara and Mike determined the exact location where the creature crossed the road. Barbara demonstrated how it placed its opposite hand on the tree as it made its way down the embankment. Due to the high rate of speed in which it darted across the road and the steep embankment, it appeared the creature perhaps braced/slowed itself as it made its way off the road. Unfortunately due to the heavy leaf cover and hard ground no tracks were noticeable. We did not find any tree breaks.
Both witnesses estimate its height at approximately 8 foot, it was “rather thin for its height”, explained Barbara. Mike’s truck was about 8-9 car lengths from the creature and he said, it looked like “a big black line” as it passed across the white tailgate of the lead truck. Barbara did not see its face and did not see details of its head, hands, feet, etc. Here’s an interesting observation she made, “It was jet black in color with no reflection from the headlights as you would expect from a shiny coat of fur.” The main detail she recalled was how the hair under its arm and down its side was a lighter tan color, “like a German Sheppard is black on top and fades to a tan color.” I asked if the hair was longer under the arm and she didn’t think so.
Barbara is a nurse and Mike is a truck driver. Both witnesses were super nice, highly intelligent and took the time to meet us on location to share their encounter. When I asked specific questions regarding physical details of the creature, neither embellished their story. I find them both highly credible and believe they did see something tall, black and very fast cross the road. They both agreed, it was definitely not a deer, not a bear and not a person.
– Charlie and Dana Raymond, Lead Investigators