KY Marion October 1989 #00001

Website submission 11-23-11
Your first name: Tony

Which county? Marion

Estimated date? Oct 1989

Estimated time? 6pm

Nearest city? Manton

Nearest Road(s): (exact location on file)

Length of time the encounter lasted: 3 or 4 minutes

How many witnesses? 1

Please describe your encounter:

I was on leave from the navy and was deer hunting on my grandparent’s farm. It was just about dusk and I heard a noise of what I thought was a deer. I was trying to see what it was as I was already coming down out of my stand. I put my feet on the ground when I looked up towards the fence line and saw a big hairy ape. I was close enough to it that I knew what it was. It looked toward me and grunted. It was a very deep grunt. I took off running down the hill and ran into the house. My grandma asked what was wrong, she said you’re as white as a ghost and told my grandparents of what had just happened and what I had just seen. People laughed about the story but over the next few weeks, it was spotted a couple more times within a couple mile radius of where I had my encounter.

Describe the creature with detail:

Around 7 ft tall very wide shoulders very hairy and stunk to high heaven. Long arms and upper torso.

Follow-up: 11-28-11

The witness was grateful that I took the time to call him, because he had hesitated reporting his sighing for so many years due to the initial ridicule he received. Only a few weeks after his sighting, three additional individuals also had sightings in the same area. One of the individuals was actually taken to the hospital in shock.
At dusk the witness began climbing down from his tree stand when we saw the creature standing on two legs about 35 yds away next to a fence line and a row of cedar trees. The creature twisted its entire upper torso as it turned its head to look at the witness. It had chocolate-brown long hair, 4 foot wide shoulders and arms which hung lower than its knees. It had a dark face (black or dark brown skin). The hair covered most of the face except the mouth, nose and eyes. It had a wide flat nose, large dark eyes, and a pronounce brow was not noticed as hair hung down to the eyes. The forehead slopped back to a pointed sagittal crest. When the creature grunted the witness did catch a glimpse of the teeth but could not tell if they were human-like or canine-like. Details of the hands or feet were not recalled. The hair was consistent across the entire body– it looked more bulky than muscular. The smell was that of sewer and body odor.

– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator