KY Morgan 1995 #00001

Local Drunk Sees Bigfoot?

Date of encounter: 1995

County: Morgan

City: West Liberty

Length of time the encounter lasted: 30 seconds

Please describe your encounter:

2nd Hand Story: A local describes an encounter of walking in a remote part of Daniel Boone National Forest. As he is quietly walking through thick forest, he stops and sees a Bigfoot staring at him from an elevated postion at approx. 80 yards. Frozen with fear, the witness sees the creature quickly move over the ridge. The witness also quickly leaves the area. Sadly, the witness is a known drunk. His encounter has been discredited by all that know him. True or False? Who knows.
Describe the creature with detail: Over 7 ft. and covered with brown hair.
Additional Info: The area is rough and rugged.