KY Morgan March 2012 #00002

Grandmother Watches Creature Cross Interstate
Witness: Billie (last name on file)
Date: March 2012 (just after the tornado hit)
Time: Just before dusk, her headlights were not on. It was a pretty, clear day.
Location: Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway
Billie was driving from West Liberty on 205 and turned right onto Bert T Combs Mountain Parkway heading west. “It had walked out from behind the big, green interstate sign which said Hazel Green, 1 Mile., explained Billie. Her vehicle was approximately 100 yards from the creature (she showed me a tree line out my office window, that’ s how we determined it was about 100 yards). It stepped over the guardrail and walked across the road. Billie explained, “I was talking out load to myself: Where did he come from? Where is his car? Why is he all dressed in black? Boy he is huge!” She was about to pull her car over to see where it went but a truck was coming up behind her and she couldn’t. Billie continued, “The next morning I was watching the Price Is Right and a man came on the news talking about Bigfoot, the Channel 5 news I believe. He said most witnesses are afraid to tell their story. And then he demonstrated how it walked. When he showed how it walked hunched over, swinging its arms, I about fell off my couch! I then knew immediately what I saw!” It never looked in her direction. It was entirely covered in medium-length black hair. When asked if she could estimate its height or weight, or any other unique feature about it, Billie said, “I really don’ t know, but looked like a big, huge man. It casually stepped over the guard rail on the opposite side of the road and disappeared into the woods.”

Photo courtesy of Ken Bush.
– Charle Raymond, Lead Investigator