KY Mulenberg Summer 2012 #00002

Robust Creature Crosses Highway
Witness: Valory (full name on file)
Estimated date: Summer 2012
Estimated time: An hour before dusk.
Location: WK Parkway (exact spot on file)
Length of time: Seconds as she past it.
Phone interview:
I spoke to the witness over the phone on 6-27-15. Her boyfriend encouraged her to contact us after seeing another report posted online in this same area. She’s never shared her story publicly until now.
One afternoon after finishing a job, Valory drove west on the Western Kentucky Parkway searching for a motel. She was in the left lane doing the speed limit (about 70 mph). In the distance she observed someone or something tall and upright cross the highway. She thought it was odd because there were no stranded cars near this individual. This is a very remote area. As she approached this “individual” it was now walking at a high rate of speed on the right side of the highway in the grass. It had crossed the highway diagonally, from left to right, but a little in her direction, and it was now headed for the tree line. “It had on no clothes and it was definitely not a person, and not a bear,” explained Valory. It was all one color, covered in cinnamon-brown hair. Valory estimated its height at about 9 foot with wide shoulders and she said, “It had very robust features. It looked more human than ape, kinda like a very well-built man.” The arms swung low, well past its waist and it had a very long stride. She explained, “the hair was the length of a Collie, but matted, raggedy and thinly spaced.” She could see the skin in places. Valory never slowed her vehicle down as she passed it. The creature never looked at her. She basically saw its profile as she passed it and could not recall seeing any specific details of the face other than it was about the same color as the hair and it was “kinda square in shape.” She drove past it pretty quickly and it was estimated at about 20 yards from the vehicle on the right.

Area similar to where it crossed.
– Charlie Raymond, Lead Investigator